Saudia declared an emergency – and what a happy occasion it was!


This passenger did not have a ticket when SV21 left Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to fly nonstop to New York JFK airport in the United States. This flight turned out to be everything else but routine for the Saudia air crew and one woman passenger.

The captain declared an emergency when the ultra-modern Saudia Boeing 777 flew over Northern Ireland. The pilot was instructed to dump fuel. The captain decided to divert the plane and landed safely at London Heathrow airport where a rescue team boarded the plane.


The reason had nothing to do with terror and bombs. A woman had delivered a premature baby girl on board a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight to New York.

The new born baby was doing well. The proud Saudi Arabian Airlines crew posed for a heart warming picture holding the baby on board the aircraft.

This photo emerged on social media and went around the globe.