Solar Impulse 2 left Lehigh Valley International Airport


Solar Impulse 2 – the solar airplane of Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg – took off from Lehigh Valley International Airport, Pennsylvania, with André Borschberg at the controls, on 10 June at 11:18pm local time (UTC-4) and is expected to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, the following day at 4:00am local time (UTC-4) after a 5 hour flight. This highly symbolic flight, conceived to fly around the Statue of Liberty and in front of the skyline of Manhattan, is part of the attempt to achieve the first ever Round-The-World Solar Flight.

Thanks to 10 live cameras in the cockpit, on the wings, in the Mission Control Center and on the ground, you can be with the pilot and the team.