Turkish travel trade loves Mauritius


Turkish Airlines ın partnershıp wıth the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) hosted a Roadshow event May 26 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Mauritius delegation included some 20 tourism stakeholders including major Hotel and DMC’s representatives. This event was only one of the initiatives which the MTPA and Turkish Airlines had identified as a platform to promote Mauritius as a destination to the Turkish traveler.

The workshop was a good opportunity for Turkish travel agents and tour operators to interact with their Mauritian counterparts. It allowed them to better understand their products and services.

The Roadshow was held at the Conrad Hotel in Istanbul. 75 travel agents attended the event.

MTPA stated: “It has been a complete success as the Turkish travel agents had shown great interest in our destination.”

Devendra Babooa, the MTPA Destination Manager for Turkey said: “Tourist arrival to Mauritius from Turkey for the first 4 months of 2016 had almost doubled compared to the year 2015.

This was mostly due to direct flights from Istanbul to Mauritius operated by Turkish Airlines.

“We already welcomed 1500 tourists from January to April. Our prediction for the future is bold but realistic. We target for 5000 Turkish tourists to arrive on our shores by the end of 2016. We’re looking forward welcoming more and more Turkish visitors to enjoy our beaches and to experience our unique culture.”

The Istanbul roadshow was one element towards achieving this objective.

The increase in flight by Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines from 3 to 5 flights weekly starting in November will certainly give another push to this objective”.

A culturally and economically important city with an ancient history of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul today retains its strategic character, channelling the economic development and prosperity to various part of the world.

Thus, this city with a population of 15 million, is one of the most developed regions in Europe.

The tourism potential in Turkey is big, especially as Istanbul is also a popular hub for other important cities in the region and from all around the world.

The General Manager of Turkish Airlines Mauritius, Mr Fatih Mehmet Kursun was very pleased to host such an event. He was excited to feel the interest and participation the event had.

He took the opportunity to reaffirm hıs commitment to the promotion of Maurıtıus as a holiday destination for Turkey and beyond. He was open to host future events also in other countries. Eastern Europe is of special interest for Mauritius and Turkish Airlines is a natural partner for this.