Asiana Airlines welcomes flight crew training expert from Singapore Airlines


SEOUL, South Korea – Asiana Airlines hires an outside expert to help further enhance its safety operation.

Asiana Airlines employs Captain Aric Oh (aged 61, a Singaporean) as Senior Vice President of Flight Crew Training & Evaluation on 1st April.

Capt Aric Oh started his career in Singapore Airlines as a flight crew and was appointed co-pilot in 1975. Later he became an instructor pilot there and was named as a Singapore CAAS Authorized Flight Examiner, which he built his career in the flight training field. He comes to Asiana Airlines with experience on both Boeing and Airbus type aircrafts such as B747, B777, A330, A340 and others.

Also, Chairing IATA Regional Coordination Group for Asia Pacific and North Asia Regions during his years in Singapore Airlines provides him exposure to a broad knowledge on operational safety issues and evolving global standards in aviation.

Capt Aric Oh, as Senior Vice President of Flight Crew Training & Evaluation at Asiana Airlines, will be responsible for Flight Crews’ Training and Evaluation benchmarking it to global best practice.

President Soo Cheon Kim intends to put Safety as the major cornerstone in Asiana’s operations and has strengthened Flight Operations with a dedicated Flight Crew Training & Evaluation team last September, hiring Captain Aric Oh to head it.

Capt Aric Oh said “I have heard about Asiana Airlines’ keen focus on safety and customer services when I was at Singapore Airline.” and added “I intend to enhance its new Flight Training department with greater emphasis on global benchmarking on Safety against the industry’s best, and leveraging on development in a fast changing global aviation landscape.”

Previously in 2014, Asiana Airlines hired Captain Yamamura Akiyoshi, a former aviation safety expert at ANA and IATA, as Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Safety Quality & Security Office to enhance Asiana’s safety system.