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IGLTA presents global snapshot of LGBTQ+ traveler sentiment

IGLTA presents global snapshot of LGBTQ+ traveler sentiment
IGLTA presents global snapshot of LGBTQ+ traveler sentiment
Written by Harry S. Johnson

The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) recently surveyed members of the LGBTQ+ community to gauge their attitudes toward leisure travel in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Responses came from approximately 15,000 LGBTQ+ travelers around the world, with the largest representation from the United States, Brazil, Canada, France and Mexico. Once global timelines and safety protocols are established, there is a strong desire within this segment to resume travel in 2020.

  • Two-thirds (66%) of global respondents said they would feel comfortable traveling again for non-essential/non-business reasons before the end of 2020, with September and October the most popular choices.
  • Nearly half (46%) said they will not change the types of destinations they choose to visit after the coronavirus situation is resolved, reflecting a high degree of destination loyalty amid the uncertainty. While 25% of respondents are still undecided, only about 28% said they would change their destination choices.

“Previous studies have shown our community to be a resilient and loyal travel segment with a history of traveling more frequently than their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts,” said John Tanzella, IGLTA President/CEO. “We wanted to document their sentiments during this particularly challenging moment in time to remind the tourism industry at large that LGBTQ+ travelers should be a valued part of their recovery plans. Messages of inclusion have the potential to be even more powerful now.”

The survey also focused on the likelihood of LGBTQ+ individuals choosing a variety of travel-related activities in the next six months, again showcasing strong interest from the segment:

  • 48% are likely/very likely to stay in a hotel or resort
  • 57% are likely/very likely to take a domestic leisure trip
  • 34% are likely/very likely to stay in a vacation home, condo or rental apartment
  • 29% are likely/very likely to take an international leisure trip
  • 20% are likely/very likely to visit an amusement park
  • 21% are likely/very likely to take a group trip
  • 13% are likely/very likely to take a cruise
  • 45% are likely/very likely to take a short-haul flight (3 hours or less)
  • 35% are likely/very likely to take a medium-haul flight (3-6 hours)
  • 27% are likely/very likely to take a long-haul flight (6 hours or more)
  • 33% are likely/very likely to attend an LGBTQ+ Pride Event

The IGLTA Post Covid-19 LGBTQ+ Travel Survey was conducted between 16 April and 12 May 2020 through the association’s global network, including members and media partners, with support from the IGLTA Foundation. The responses came from 14,658 individuals around the world who identity as LGBTQ+.

• 77% of respondents identified as gay; 6% lesbian; 12% bisexual
• 79% of respondents are between the ages of 25 and 64
• 88% of respondents are men; 8% are women and 2% are transgender


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About the author

Harry S. Johnson

Harry S. Johnson has been working in the travel industry for 20 years. He started his travel career as a flight attendant for Alitalia, and today, has been working for TravelNewsGroup as an editor for the last 8 years. Harry is an avid globetrotting traveler.