Thai weddings flying high in popularity


BANGKOK, Thailand – Every couple wants their wedding day to not only be memorable but also a reflection of their personalities and interests, making tailor-made destination weddings an increasingly popular choice.

It is, therefore, not surprising that exotic and mystical Thailand with its varied landscape, colorful culture, and value for money packages saw it recently voted as the Best Wedding Destination by Travel + Leisure magazine, and ranked the no. 1 Dream Wedding Destination in a survey by the Swedish magazine, Resia.

“The appeal of Thailand is that it offers a variety of beautiful and unique locations for those looking to tie the knot. Couples have the choice of beautiful islands, sandy beaches, majestic mountains, or tropical rainforest scenery all in one destination and at very affordable prices.

“No matter how big or small their budget, Thailand allows every couple to make their dream wedding a reality,” said Thamanoon Kuprasert, General Manager of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa for Thai Airways International (THAI).
Kuprasert said that the last few years has seen a noticeable move away from local, traditional weddings held in the couples’ country and community of origin.

“Worldwide, couples are now considering options that make a statement about who they are and that are a reflection of how they want to celebrate their love for each other and share their special day with family and friends in their own unique way,” he added.

These days anything is possible, and Kuprasert explained that there are no limits as to where and how couples choose to get married in Thailand.

“Although beach weddings are by far the most popular choice, there are a great variety of unique wedding packages available that allow couples to hold ceremonies and celebrations just about anywhere.

“And even if none of the already-existing packages appeal to them, couples have the opportunity to tailor-make their own wedding package to ensure that nothing gets left off their dream wedding must-do list and also meets their budget requirements,” he commented.

Nowadays a romantic sunset beach wedding is quite traditional by Thai standards, and it is not unusual to witness local Thai couples opting instead for underwater, elephant back, or abseiling wedding ceremonies.

“Besides beach weddings, local Thai temples are also becoming a popular venue choice for locals and visitors alike. These provide a unique backdrop for couples looking for a colorful, vibrant ceremony that is a true reflection of Thai culture.
With its many tropical forest regions containing an abundance of remote and scenic waterfall locations, a ceremony at the foot of a mystical waterfall plunging into the depths of a crystal clear pool lends itself well to couples looking for something remote that shows an appreciation for the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

“Cliff-top ceremonies in the mountainous regions guarantee breathtaking scenery and a dramatic backdrop for amazing wedding photos,” described Kuprasert.
With its abundance of islands and beautiful bay areas, hiring a villa on an island or even an entire island are popular choices for those with a bigger budget and guest list.

“Although there is no question that many couples see Thailand as a value for money option, it is still the location of choice for many of the world’s wealthy and even famous. Besides its scenery, the climate, food, and friendly people are a huge attraction, and I am confident we will continue to welcome an increasing number of wedding couples to our shores,” concluded Kuprasert.