A Strong Earthquake just shook Los Angeles

Strong Earthquakes Rock Chile and Argentina
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Los Angeles has been known for earthquake and the danger of a big one.
Todays earthquake close to Malibu is heavy compared to many others in the region, but not yet worrying.

After the 6.2 earthquake in Hawaii 2 hours ago, the coastal city of Malibu in California was just shaken with a 4.7. strong earthquake knocking down items in this coastal upscale Pacific Ocean resort town.

The quake shook high rises even in downtown Los Angeles.

It was the 4th significant quake in this area so far this year, and it’s only February.

No tsunami threats are resulting from this quake measured with a depth of 5 miles and 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles, California.

The Pacific Ring of Fire seems to be active today. The Ring of Fire is a seismic belt consisting of volcanoes and seismic activities. It spans approximately 40,000 km in length and reaches widths of up to 500 km, encircling the majority of the Pacific Ocean. Within the Ring of Fire, there can be found between 750 and 915 active or dormant volcanoes, which account for around two-thirds of the global number.

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