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Armenia Tourism: The oldest country records more visitors

Armenia tourism grows

The majestic beauty of its towering mountains, beautiful topography, rich heritage and culture, delicious food, historic sites dating back thousands of years, adventures. This is the message ​on

Armenia is a nation, and former Soviet republic, in the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Among the earliest Christian civilizations, it’s defined by religious sites including the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni and 4th-century Etchmiadzin Cathedral, headquarters of the Armenian Church. Khor Virap Monastery is a pilgrimage site near Mount Ararat, a dormant volcano just across the border in Turkey.

Armenia has an ancient history and rich culture. In fact, it is one of the oldest countries in the world. Scientific research, numerous archaeological findings and old manuscripts prove that the Armenian Highlands are the very Cradle of Civilization.

Some of the world’s oldest things were found in Armenia. The world’s oldest leather shoe (5,500 years old), sky observatory (7,500 years old), depictions of agriculture (7,500 years old) and wine-making facility (6,100 years old) all were found in the territory of Armenia.

The number of tourists who visited Armenia in the first half of 2019 grew by nearly 12,3%. The Armenian Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan announced this at a recent news conference.

Visits from foreign journalists and bloggers are an important tool Armenia Tourism Marketing has been using.

17 reporters from the Association of Journalists of Switzerland arrived in Armenia on introductory visits, and as a result, more than 30 articles about Armenia were published.

Armenia counted 12.3% more visitors this year compared to arrivals counted for the same time length last year A total of  770,000 tourists visited Armenia.

Armenia values Chinese tourism as an important factor. The introduction of Union Pay in Armenia, a Chinese credit card is seen as an important factor that will attract visitors from China.  Minister Khachatryan mentioned the Armenian-Chinese joint conference on commercial-economic matters.

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