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European hotel prices still climbing

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The average cost of a standard double room in Europe climbed another two percent this month, reaching 103 pounds per night.

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The average cost of a standard double room in Europe climbed another two percent this month, reaching 103 pounds per night. This marks a continued trend of increasing hotel prices that has remained steady since January 2010, when the average price was only 88 pounds. This increase has been slightly mitigated by a currently favorable exchange rate, with the net result being that British travelers are paying four percent less than they did in May last year. Significant price hikes were registered in cities like Nuremburg, which rose 35 percent; Barcelona, which climbed 22 percent; and Oslo, which experienced a 15 percent increase. This can be attributed to a number of special events and trade fairs taking place in these cities in May, the most notable being the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

All-Time Highs in Many European Cities
Over the past 24 months, a number of European cities have experienced significant price increases. Five cities have been at their highest point since May 2008: London, Rome, Barcelona, Oslo, and Istanbul. Two years ago, London (currently 145 pounds per night) cost only 123 pounds; its lowest point was in February 2009 with 113 pounds. Rome, now 149 pounds, was 108 pounds in May 2008 and at its lowest in August 2009 (91 pounds). Barcelona (now 155 pounds) cost a mere 101 pounds two years ago and only 87 pounds in December 2009. The same is true of Turin and Istanbul, both of which have increased dramatically over the past 24 months: Turin has risen from a low of 82 pounds, while Istanbul’s lowest average was 73 pounds. Other cities experienced similar highs, though over shorter periods. Krakow is at its highest since May 2009. Madrid and Edinburgh last saw such prices in September 2009, whereas Berlin, Vienna, and Cannes are at their highest since October 2009. Similarly, Oslo and Bucharest are reaching record highs, unmatched since November and December 2009, respectively.

UK Prices Up, But Lower Than Last Year
Many cities in the UK saw corresponding increases in their average prices from April to May 2010. Overnight costs rose six percent in London, from 138 pounds to 146 pounds; seven percent in Bristol (85 pounds), Birmingham (84 pounds), and Manchester (93 pounds); and 13 percent in Newcastle (91 pounds). Prices in the UK are nevertheless much lower than last year. Compared to May 2009, prices are down 17 percent in Sheffield, 14 percent in Leeds, 9 percent in Blackpool and Newcastle, 8 percent in Cardiff, and 7 percent in Glasgow. The only major cities to see significant increases compared to this time last year are London (up 12 percent), Liverpool (up 11 percent), and Edinburgh (up 10 percent).

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