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Would you travel nude or naked?


Face Forward. Please!

Traveling sucks the moisture out of our skin! We may start the journey looking terrific and deplane looking a total wreck because of the anxiety of getting to and through airports and security, the questions on whether the flight will depart/land on-time without incident, the dismay caused by the dry air on flights, the concern that the right clothes have been packed and whether of not the luggage will arrive at the airport…stress this takes a toll on our face.

Then there is the issue of sanitation. The bacteria found at airports, trains, airplanes and rest stops can spread to our face and the rest of our body. Changes in time zones combined with sleep deprivation impacts on skin. Between dehydration and swollen blood vessels around the eyes producing a raccoon look – travel becomes a nightmare.

Cannot wait to get to the hotel for a hot shower: Remember, hotel soaps and shampoos do not belong on a body. Although it depends on the hotel, most likely the free beauty products have ingredients that are heavily perfumed and loaded with chemicals that are a direct link to irritation – especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Cosmetics Challenge

It becomes obvious that we need to use products that will keep us healthy and clean, smell and look good while not polluting the environment or blinding/killing animals. With all the choices available, how can we make a correct decision?

We are seduced at every turn. The global cosmetics industry (including sun/skin/hair care, deodorants, makeup/color cosmetics and fragrances) is likely to reach $429.8 billion by 2022 from sales sourced through retail stores (supermarkets, exclusive brand outlets, specialty shops) and online channels.

What is truly staggering is how rapidly this sizable business is growing and how quickly market share is moving online.  Thirty percent ($12 billion) is spent through online shopping, representing a 24 percent increase in just one year.

Beauty and personal care products are particularly ripe for online development, given consumers’ combined interest in both exploring new products and replenishing the ones they already own and love.

These two shopper modes—discovery and replenishment—are among the strongest drivers of online penetration.

Travel Retail. Another Opportunity for Seduction

Another new and growing distribution channel for cosmetics are Duty Free – airport shops. Travel retail (shopping in airports, in-flight, tax-free shores and cruises) is one of the largest markets for the cosmetic industry. Duty-free started at the Shannon Airport, Ireland, 1947, and now is a common part of many people’s traveling experience. Today travel retail is a global industry worth almost $64 billion. Of that, perfumes and cosmetics account for approximately 1/3 of sales, and the Asia-Pacific region, the largest of all markets, controls 38.6 percent of market share.

Travel retail is one the largest markets for Estee Lauder and L’Oréal, and many new collections are sold exclusively through these channels of distribution.


Consumers of all ages are delighted with the wide-range of new products and new brands. Young consumers are supporting locally made, artisanal, chemical – free products. Independent brands are finding traction and entrepreneurs are bringing new creative products to the marketplace.

Because consumers want it NOW, products that promise immediate gratification are a growing segment, especially in the skincare slice of the market. Men and women want to see the immediate elimination of lines, bags and other imperfections and skincare products that are natural, clean and focus on wellness are succeeding.

Choices. Nude or Color Coded

There are over 679 unique colors of foundation to choose from and it is left to the consumer to make the color choice. Nude cosmetics are extending beyond beige, and sales of products that offer individually relevant experiences are increasing. Regardless of age, increasingly diverse consumers are actively seeking options when they step up to a beauty counter, spend time with beauty YouTube videos or explore websites with an increasingly wide range of cosmetic products. Consumers have always wanted their beauty products to reflect their individuality. What has shifted over the last few years is that shoppers have immense options wherever and whenever they choose to shop.

Going Naked

With space limitations (thanks to airline restrictions, smaller hotel rooms, and reduced luggage space), travelers are seeking ways to carry the products they want that meet the mobility challenges. Products that are package-free or “naked” have grabbed the attention of the road warrior and 35 percent of the Lush line meets this requirement.  The products are solid and formulated with little or no water and made without synthetic preservatives, reducing the need for plastic for products that include shampoo bars, solid conditioners, soaps, scrubs, massage bars and bath oils. For consumers that prefer packaged versions, the wraps are made from recycled, reusable or compostable materials.

Waterless Beauty

Water is the industry’s most used ingredient and there are concerns about the use and abuse of this resource.  L’Oréal has committed to a 60 percent reduction in water consumption per finished product by 2020 (2005 baseline) and Unilever has committed to a reduction of water usage by 2020 (2010 baseline). Water conservation is motivating a launch of new products that are “dry” (i.e. powdered cleansers and dry sheet masks) along with entirely waterless beauty brands.

Conservation and a minimalist approach to beauty has motivated Korea to develop hybrid products that tone and hydrate in one product, using natural ingredients such as green tea and vitamin E. The results-driven products have genderless and ageless appeal, creating less clutter.

International Makeup Artist Trade Show. IMATS

If you are interested in where the professionals in the cosmetics industry go for inspiration and education…they attend the IMATS events that are held in major cities throughout the USA and Europe. Educators, professional makeup artists, product vendors, and other segments of the industry eagerly share their knowledge, expertise, and suggestions for looking terrific and feeling better. Whether the search is products to improve the “commuter” look or have a desire to win the next Halloween costume party, the IMATS programs are the go-to destination.

While it might be fun to shop for cosmetics at Bloomingdale’s or Sephora, professionals are finding the best brands for their clients and customers at IMATS. One of the most respected brands among professionals and consumers is Kryolan. I recently participated in one of the training programs for wanna-be makeup artists, and walked away with a flash drive full of ideas on how to look better – with a minimum of effort. I also became a fan of the extensive product line.


If you are definitely committed to a totally vegan lifestyle, the focus does not have to stop with your digestive system. Thanks to Lip Bar, lips can now meet the objective as the lipsticks are a blend of natural ingredients enriched with shea butter, avocado and coconut oils and Vitamin E.

Khuraira Musa

Technology is moving makeup artists and consumers away from brushes, sponges and fingers, replacing the process with the technology of the airbrush. Only a few years ago, you needed an advanced degree in art and engineering to nail the use of the airbrush, but time and effort has brought this 21st century tool to the personal tote bag and bathroom shelf.

For over 20 years, Khuraira Musa has been making the world a bit more beautiful, “One Face at a Time.” For airbrush equipment and classes, her New Jersey studio offers the opportunity to learn from a professional.


For a natural-looking, skin-perfecting finish, Temptu provides the technology and the products to create a professional look at home with their version of the airbrush. The Airpods can be customized and individualized for day-to-night, casual to elegant, spot correcting, contouring, and strobing thanks to a product line that includes foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer.

It is a secret to flawless skin with TEMPTU’s patented technology and one-of-a-kind airbrush makeup, proven to deliver less makeup for ASENT, the perfect fusion of beauty and technology with the TEMPTU airbrush.

An airbrush makeup machine has 3 major parts: the airbrush stylus, the air compressor and the air hose connecting the two. For creating a flawless complexion (without the assistance of a professional artist), the airbrush wins. Professional artists have used the technique forever, but now the travel size has made it useable and affordable putting home beauty buffs into the picture.

The airbrush requires special foundation that is applied via the gun, it must have a very thin consistency and goes on the skin like a mist, covering the skin with a thin layer of pigment creating a natural looking complexion.

Kevin James Bennett

If you are not into creating your own professional look (or want something very special for a wedding or anniversary), it is time to reach out to a professional. IMAT brings the pros front and center. Not only do they bring their magic to the stage with master classes, they are kind and generous enough with their time and talent to provide advice and guidance on a personal level.

When packing for the business trip or holiday, short intervals way from home, means that small sizes of cosmetics and other personal care products are more practical than the jumbo sizes from Costco. Paying a premium for travel minis is a waste, so purchasing reusable kits and containers will lighten the luggage.

M-Y-O-Cosmetic Cases

The company is committed to sustainable practices and the products are recyclable and follow Carbon Offset and Take-Back programs. The cases are made in Canada from food and medical grade materials.

Dynamic Innovation Labs

The creepy crawling lines that appear (as if by magic) on our faces, frequently toggle a fit of rage (and/or depression) creating a depression. Dynamic has a topical serum that will minimize the crow’s-feet without the need for plastic surgery.

For additional information, go to imats.net.

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