AKON fails to show at Uganda Concert

Ugandans were left furious when American music star AKON failed to show up in time for his much hyped concert, which was due to be held on the evening of 02nd May.

Telecom’s giant Celtel was at a loss to explain to the tens of thousands of people who bought tickets, why this was so. AKON’s management tried to explain the star’s failure to show up with an ‘illness’ which had caused s sore throat and apparently assured the sponsors that AKON would show up a week later.

However, it was also learned that Celtel had immediately employed the services of high priced lawyers to either enforce contractual compliance or else get a refund for expenses so far incurred and damages to their reputation, while dispatching a delegation to the singer’s home in the US.

AKON had in past months several times been mentioned to perform in Kenya, but each and every ‘concert’ bounced and the same now seems to have taken place here in Uganda, where the sponsors had paid huge sums to prepare for the stay of AKON and his concert.

Thousands of disappointed music fans were turned away from the venue, causing a potentially explosive situation for public safety, but this was well handled by the police guarding the venue, and access roads and the parking in the area.

It is left to be seen if the singer does indeed turn up over the coming days or if this is just another giant con job to which Celtel and the Ugandan public have fallen for.