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Skyscanner adds NDC Exchange connecting distribution to IATA

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The addition of Skyscanner’s reach to NDC Exchange adds value for all on the platform through a growing network effect. Each month, 80 million people use the Skyscanner website or its mobile app, which has been downloaded over 70 million times. Skyscanner’s global reach can also be seen through its products that are offered in over 30 languages and 70 currencies.

ATPCO and SITA today announced that travel search site Skyscanner has joined NDC Exchange, a platform that enables content interoperability across the airline distribution ecosystem and is a trusted bridge between the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA), New Distribution Capability (NDC), and traditional distribution methods.

“We are delighted to have joined NDC Exchange and are sure that the platform will bring many benefits to our partners, providing a consistent product offering across the entire travel distribution ecosystem. We want to bring airline products on Skyscanner’s site as close to the direct experience as possible, with carriers controlling their products and brand while benefiting from our traffic, and audience, across a range of devices,” said Hugh Aitken, Senior Commercial Director of Skyscanner, the leading global travel search site.

NDC Exchange is a community platform that enables API connectivity between airlines and travel sellers, enabling them to exchange messages easily and cost-effectively. NDC Exchange supports shopping, booking, and servicing workflows and enables the cross-selling of ancillary services among airlines, and between airlines and travel sellers.

“We are working very closely with airlines, distributors, and agencies of all sizes to help them progress their NDC solutions while respecting their business processes. NDC Exchange is a unique industry platform that allows airlines and sellers to integrate NDC into their business at the pace that best suits their business needs,” said Graham Wareham, Director of Distribution Portfolio for ATPCO.

NDC Exchange facilitates the real-time translation of XML messages, enabling airlines and travel sellers to quickly and efficiently connect to the platform regardless of their API schema or standard. Once connected to NDC Exchange, airlines have access to all connected travel sellers, and those travel sellers have access to all connected airlines.

NDC Exchange has seen robust industry interest, with early-joiners Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) providing settlement support and Routehappy by ATPCO powering rich content capabilities to enhance retailing. Major airlines such as Air Canada, British Airways, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Finnair, and the LATAM Group are current members of the exchange. NDC Exchange has earned a Level 3 NDC Capable certification, the highest level of certification offered by IATA.

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