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Miami and Rensair U.S. partner to reduce airborne COVID-19 risks

Miami and Rensair U.S. partner to reduce airborne COVID-19 risks

Amid rising rates of COVID-19 infection across the country, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Rensair U.S. announced a partnership to reduce the risks of airborne infection and help businesses re-open and stay open. On Thursday morning, Mayor Suarez announced the deployment of eight Rensair air purification units to Miami City Hall.

“We’re hoping that this becomes the standard that companies decide to follow so they can safely have their employees there and their customers,” said Mayor Suarez, after consulting with the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force.

Harris Schwartzberg who leads Rensair U.S. stood with Mayor Suarez to donate the units and said, “the concept here is really to get people back to work, back to schools, to eating in restaurants, working in offices, visiting hotels, resorts and sporting events and to make it a safer environment for them. Rensair U.S. may open a distribution center or regional office in Miami as demand grows.”

The Rensair air purification system’s effectiveness has been validated by outside laboratories, and the contrast between it and the typical air filtration systems is stark. The typical air filter traps and holds pathogens until the filter is changed by special technicians in safety suits. Rensair units, however, are hospital grade and catch the airborne virus and bacteria in HEPA13 filters and bombard the filters with UVC lights that destroys 99% of the virus and bacteria caught down to the DNA/RNA level. They filter 20,000 cubic feet of air per hour. Rensair filter changes are simple, safe only need to be replaced after 9,000 hours of continuous use and are portable enough be used almost anywhere – restaurants, offices, hotels or government offices.

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