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Planning your next trip? America’s best vacation spots revealed

Planning your next trip? America’s best vacation spots revealed

As 2020 has rocked our travel plans in a way none of us could have imagined, one benefit of the ban on international travel was the opportunity to explore a bit more of our home turf with a U.S. vacation.

New research released today shows every state’s favorite vacation destinations in the US. With the overall favorite being revealed, as well as a state and city breakdown. 

The USA’s top 5 favorite U.S vacations 

CityStateU.S. Vacation Searches
Las VegasNevada6,599,700
New York CityNew York3,819,910
San DiegoCalifornia3,295,440

Las Vegas proved to be American’s favorite vacation spot, with 6,599,700 searches. In second place, with 4,289,350 searches was Miami, followed by New York (3,819,910), Chicago (3,321,010) and San Diego (3,295,440).

The research also revealed some interesting facts: 

  • 36 states (72%) prefer to vacation close to home, as destinations within their state are revealed to be at the top of their holiday list
  • The majority of people prefer to stay closer to home when it comes to vacationing, with 36 states (72%) preferring a destination within their home state.
  • Coloradans favorite U.S. vacation spot is Denver, Florida loves Orlando and Tennessee favors Nashville. 
  • Residents of states that prefer to venture further afield include Delawareans, where Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is their favorite destination, residents of Mississippi, who love to head to New Orleans, Louisiana, and West Virginians who prefer to travel to Virginia Beach in neighbouring state Virginia. 
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