Politically incorrect Hawaii news publication launched


Kamaainas News introduced itself as a new, irreverent, politically incorrect Hawai`i news blog, Akamai Hawai`i, by local journalist, Kimo Kapa`a – a part of our international eTN network already enjoying 1.2 million visitors per month.

In Hawaiian, “Akamai” means “to make wise or smart” – and the publication promises it will always be a wise, pithy, no-nonsense commentary on the local Hawai`i political and social scene! Enjoy Kimo’s humorous view of Hawaii’s insiders, forward Akamai Hawai`i to friends, and share on your social networks. Readers may post their comments on articles.

Kamaaina’s first edition was launched today with the title: “It’s not this bad in Hawaii – yet.” A hot topic was the Honolulu symphony bankruptcy case, and comments started coming in to discuss who is to blame.

Kamaainas invites everyone interested in an alternative view on Hawaii news topics to subscribe to Akamai Hawai’i.

The publication is circulated 5 times a week by email and is free. For more information and to subscribe, visit www.kamaainas.com .