Wildebeest Announces Partnership with Leading-edge Climate Tech Company, Cooler

Wildebeest Announces Partnership with Leading-edge Climate Tech Company, Cooler
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Today, digital strategy and brand marketing agency Wildebeest announced an exclusive marketing partnership with Cooler, a climate technology company offering innovative solutions for carbon measurement and neutralization. As climate change continues to impact communities around the world, Wildebeest will bring Cooler’s API-driven technology to the North American travel and tourism industry, as companies refocus their efforts to reduce emissions. Cooler’s solution instantly calculates and neutralizes the carbon footprint of any product or service — making it easy for companies to achieve their climate commitments and provide transparent impact reports to their customers and stakeholders.

For decades, the travel industry has grappled with their role in contributing to an increasingly warming planet, which goes beyond just airline CO2 emissions. Many travel brands currently offer traditional carbon offset programs that, according to experts, show mixed results. Cooler takes a different approach, in offering neutralization of carbon emissions by buying permits away from polluters in tightly-regulated pollution markets in over a dozen U.S. states.

Despite the pandemic’s impact on the global tourism industry, many companies have recently re-focused their climate policies during a time of multiple natural disasters and with an eye on cleaner air and water as a result of decreasing movement of people.

Tom Buckley, Chief Commercial Officer at Wildebeest says, “Today’s travel consumer often makes purchasing decisions based on a brand’s environmental impact record. Wildebeest is excited to bring Cooler to our travel and transport clients who understand this dynamic, and wish to communicate their climate change initiatives in new and engaging ways.”

Michel Gelobter, co-founder of Cooler and one of the world’s leading sustainability and climate strategists adds, “We’re excited to be partnering with Wildebeest as they help travel companies to tackle their climate change challenges head-on. While travel accounts for a significant percent of global carbon emissions, this also means there is massive opportunity for innovation through neutralization technology such as Cooler.”

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