What’s Hot Now in Eye Wear for 2022

EyeBuyDirect has predicted the top five eyewear trends consumers will see in the eyewear industry this year. In looking at top-selling frames and tapping into their previously released 2022 Trends Report, it is expected that consumers will gravitate toward five specific trends this year:

•             Revamped Neutrals: Neutrals have always been a go-to when it comes to eyewear. Basic white and black is out, and soft pigments are the new neutrals for 2022, allowing your eyewear to elevate your outfit. Whether it’s creamy avocado, olive oil, or honeycomb yellow, expect to see more eyewear featuring softer tones in addition to clear, translucent frames in these color palettes become popular this year.

•             Bold, over-the-top frames: Hate them or love them, cat-eye glasses are slated to be a top-seller for 2022. These retro frames come in a variety of colors and shapes (some more bold than others). This kind of eyewear adds sharpness to the face and a sophisticated touch to those more casual outfits consumers are rocking from their home office.

•             What’s old is new again (vintage): While cat-eye glasses might be trendier with women, we’ll see an equal amount of male consumers gravitating towards vintage eyewear this year. Aviators and wayfarer frames are two top trends we anticipate, both in prescription lenses and sunglasses. Vintage frames featuring hinge detailing or tortoise template tips bring a timelessness that complement every outfit – and one we’ll see consumers opt for.

•             Sportitude: Sports meets personality in this 2022 trend, as consumers are pushing traditional ‘sporting’ boundaries with their eyewear, we’ll see these futuristic, wraparound sport shield glasses gain popularity. Iridescent gradients and polarized lenses seamlessly take consumers from the pickleball court to the street, while adding a layer of needed protection.

•             Reading Sunglasses: Readers are having their moment, with more consumers splurging for a pair of comfortable and fashion-forward glasses that provide extra support for reading a magazine or scrolling through daily headlines. As the days get longer and the temperatures increase, consumers will be looking for a pair of readers to take outside, so we’ll see reading sunglasses start to trend in the coming months. Whether a basic single-tint, mirror-tinted (blocking 10-60% more sunlight than standard tinted frames) or gradient-tinted reading sunglasses, consumers will be snapping up this eyewear.

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