First New COVID-19 Oral Treatments Received by Canada

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone in Canada from COVID 19. This includes securing safe and effective treatments as they become available.

Vaccination and public health measures remain the best way to protect the public against infection and severe disease. However, access to effective, easy-to-use treatments, such as the one produced by Pfizer, could be critical to reducing the severity of COVID-19 in people who become infected.

Distribution to provinces and territories will begin imminently. The Government of Canada is working closely with the provinces and territories to coordinate distribution of treatment courses across the country. The Public Health Agency of Canada met with provincial and territorial officials to discuss deployment based on a per capita basis with adjustments due to shipping requirements from Pfizer.

Canada has secured 1 million courses of the treatment. Delivery schedules are being finalized, with the intent of bringing additional treatment courses to Canada as quickly as possible.

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