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Six destinations to become leaders of Salento’s 2019 tourist season

Salento, located at the southern end of Apulia in Southern Italy, keeps building up its image and the consequent increase of tourism demand. At BIT Milan 2019 edition the destination had its opportunity to present “The best of Salento in six destinations”: Galatina, Giurdignano, the Caves of Santa Maria di Leuca, Melendugno, Nardò, and Supersano.

“We want to tell you of a different Salento, deeply linked to spirituality and religious traditions such as the Tables of St. Joseph in Giurdignano”, said Carmen Mancarella, a journalist presenting and leading the press conference.

“All the rules of this ancient custom brings numerous families from various areas of Salento, around the date of March 19, to set up, with traditional foods, sumptuous tables open to anyone who looks out in their homes.”

“But between spirituality and religion, the visitors also enjoy fun provided by the Carnival of Supersano and, why not, transgressive, but above all capable of involving in a thousand ways the traveler, who is immediately taken by the joy of living of Salento,” explains Carmen Mancarella, presenting the best of 2019 tourist destinations not to be missed at Salento.

The Ionian and the Adriatic sea with the Marines of Melendugno and Nardò, the Caves of Santa Maria di Leuca, the city of Galatina with its Basilica and the tours for the amateurs of tantalizing local food.

Melendugno share 41% increase in foreign tourists, becoming the first destination in Puglia for the increase of foreign arrivals, thanks to the marvelous marinas of Torre Specchia Ruggeri, San Foca, Roca, Torre dell’Orso, and Torre Sant’Andrea.

Nardò, the ancient Neretum, with its 10 museums, today is a symbolic destination for lovers of slow, cultural trips. The Grotte di Leuca, an unmissable stop in the Salento holidays, offers a wide range of activities, from trekking to boat trips.

Galatina, a city linked to the origins of tarantism, the origin of the famous pizzica dance, the Basilica of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria with the pictorial cycle of the Giotto school. Giurdignano, where on March 18th, on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Joseph, the Tables of Saint Joseph are set up in private homes – a century-old rite.

And Supersano, on the other hand, the High Tailoring Carnival is the masterpiece, between the 2nd and 6th March, with half of the region parading, while the other half is busy sewing clothes, taking care of the music and setting of an event that involves all citizens.

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