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Airlines that kill puppies, beat passengers and love your money


The airline business is an industry that airline passengers, also known as consumers, love to hate. Because we cannot get along without it we are a captive audience.

With airlines killing puppies and delivering pets to the wrong destination, beating passengers to a pulp when they refuse to respond to employee commands, forcing adult passengers into seats sized for pre-school children, stripping us of our identities as we are led like cattle onto and off the plane, and not providing food worthy of the nomenclature (for economy passengers) and then charging hundreds and thousands of dollars for the privilege of boarding the aircraft, it is difficult for the average person to feel any love or admiration for these corporations.

With only 4 major USA airlines still standing (controlling 80 percent of the market), we do not have many choices as to which one to select for business or leisure flights.

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Dr. Elinor Garely - special to eTN and editor in chief,