Israel signs new aviation agreement with Georgia


Following the aviation crisis between Israel and Georgia that took place last week, renewal talks led to the signing of a new aviation agreement between the two countries. The agreement, announced by Israel’s ministry of transport, increases the frequency of approved flights in both directions from three to four.

The aviation crisis between Israel and Georgia occurred as a result of the Georgian authorities’ refusal to approve Arkia’s planned timetable, Israeli’s main carrier on the route.

In talks that took place between the Israeli delegation led by Giora Rom, head of the civil aviation authority, the heads of the Georgian Ministry of Transport and representatives of Arkia and Georgian Airlines, both sides announced an end to the crisis and the immediate renewal of direct flights between the two countries.

At the end of the talks, which took place at the offices of the civil aviation authority at Ben Gurion Airport, it was decided that in addition to the regular timetable, both sides could add an additional special flight during the period of the Israeli or Georgian holidays. Both sides also agreed on the specific flight times for the coming winter season.

In a statement from the Ministry of Transport for Israel, it was reported that the Georgians responded positively to Arkia’s request on which days of the week they wish to operate their flights.

Israeli and Georgian authorities also agreed that they would soon start talks on establishing a new aviation agreement based on the Open Skies Agreement, which would completely remove the existing limitations on frequency and operations between the two countries.