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Zanzibar to Host Important Pan African Women Empowerment Summit

Image courtesy of aga2rk from Pixabay

Zanzibar is set to host the Pan African Women Empowerment Summit (PAWES) early in March, targeting to attract more African women to take part in business, financial, and technology participation for their development in Africa.

Reports from the PAWES organizers in Zanzibar said that the Summit gathering event will set the momentum for decisive actions and investments to advance women’s economic and financial inclusion in Africa.

The event flag-bearer is “Africa for Africa Women’s Vision: United Women of Africa towards sustainable economic emancipation.”

PAWES is scheduled to map out all existing organizations as well as public and private entities that exist with the purpose of providing support, resources, finance, and training for women and young people across the continent of Africa.

It will also create linkages across regions and countries with these existing entities and ensure that more women representation is created, enabling organizers and stakeholders to formulate policy and influence the allocation of resources.

The Summit will also attract development of a mentorship program that connects established women in business who have achieved levels of success and have gathered experience to share with emerging women entrepreneurs.

The other key target is the utilization of digital marketplaces that exist in Africa for showcasing products and services, while developing more African women owned and run platforms that link suppliers and buyers on the continent primarily and then beyond to the global market.

The Summit will also encourage the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure as the key communication and information sharing tools as well as actively engaging key stakeholders in the roll-out of a more accessible affordable Internet and exploring the use of renewable energy to sustain this communication.

PAWES 2022 will also focus on exhibitions, trade and investment promotion, and master classes to advance women’s economic and financial inclusion, organizers said.

The three-day Summit will take place at Golden Tulip Zanzibar Airport on the island with the main focus on leadership development, coaching and mentorship, and economic transformation with women playing a central role.

The African Tourism Board (ATB) is among the key organizers and sponsors of PAWES which has attracted participants from over 21 countries in Africa and outside the continent including the United States of America.

Banking on its geographical position in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is now positioning itself to compete with other island states in tourism and other marine resource heritages. Zanzibar is strategically positioned on the east coast of Africa with rich cultures and history, warm beaches of the Indian Ocean, and a temperate climate.

The island has seen a remarkable growth in tourism, with optimism to attract more holidaymakers. Zanzibar is famous for its beaches, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and dolphin watching.




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