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WTTC wants travel to be safe but President Biden holds the key for vaccine

, WTTC wants travel to be safe but President Biden holds the key for vaccine, eTurboNews | eTN
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At the just concluded WTTC Summit in Cancun, Mexico. There wasn’t any public discussion on the catastrophic situation in India, but CEO Gloria Guevara took the initative and interviewed Manuel Santos, a signer with 170 others to push US President Biden to open patent restrictions, allowing the vaccine to reach developing nations


  1. When WTTC CEO Gloria Guevara interviewed former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the just-concluded Tourism Summit in Cancun, they kept a secret they didn’t want to share with the world. “We are not safe until everyone is safe.”
  2. The catastrophic spread of the virus and deadly consequences in India made US President Biden’s conclusion “We are not safe until everyone is safe” enormously relevant to the tourism world and to the pharmaceutical industry. There was very little talk about India in Cancun, but the fact is this virus travels fast and all the progress made so far in the world may become shaky.
  3. Will President Biden stand up to his words? What will WTTC and 170 former heads of state and Nobel Peace Prize winners do to make their open letter heard? There was no immediate answer by the White House.

“We are not safe until everyone is safe” was the conclusion in a one-on-one interview with former Colombian President and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Juan Manuel Santos and the World Travel and Tourism Council CEO Gloria Guevara at the WTTC Summit in Cancun on Monday.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos treated their support for US President Biden’s words as a secret and made sure this entire session was cut off from livestreaming. Media, including eTurboNews, was prevented from accessing the recording of this most important session at the Summit.

Former Heads of State and Nobel Peace Prize receivers called on President Biden to waive intellectual property rules for COVID vaccines as the key to opening the opportunity for developing nations to produce or receive urgently-needed vaccines. US President Biden was correct when he hinted about understanding this interconnected world. Travel and Tourism makes this world interconnected, and the world is simply not safe until every citizen of every country is safe.

WTTC represents the private sector in the Travel and Tourism world. Mr. Santos is a major player in the public sector. Perhaps this letter to the US President is not a message a private industry organization wants to get involved in.

Mr. Santos sharing this important message, as one who signed the letter to US President Biden on April 14 with Gloria Guevara and delegates at the WTTC Summit in Cancun, is significant and important.

The World Tourism Network (WTN) applauded the letter a day after it was signed. “This letter is an important way for the international Travel and Tourism industry to take a stand and to take a step forward in making the world a safer place during this crisis. A global pandemic must not make the interests of the private pharma industry the sole benefactor.”

Read on and click on next to read the full letter to US President Biden and watch the video of the first WTTC Summit.

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Juergen T Steinmetz

Juergen Thomas Steinmetz has continuously worked in the travel and tourism industry since he was a teenager in Germany (1977).
He founded eTurboNews in 1999 as the first online newsletter for the global travel tourism industry.

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