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WTN Wants Some WTTC Members to Go One More Step in its Support of Ukraine

The World Travel and Tourism Council today in a press statement explained that travel and tourism businesses around the globe had come together to support Ukraine with millions of hotel rooms for refugees escaping the conflict.

Juergen Steinmetz, chairman WTN

“This is commendable and appreciated also by travel and tourism leaders in Ukraine, but it’s half a statement,” said Juergen Steinmetz, Chairman of the World Tourism Network (WTN). WTN is the founder of the Scream for Ukraine campaign.

WTTC in its release today pointed out that members such as Accor, Airbnb, Carnival Corporation, the European Travel Commission, Expedia, Hilton, InterContinental Hotels Group, Internova Travel Group, Marriott International, MSC Cruises, Radisson, and Uber, among others, have opened their doors to refugees in neighboring countries donating rooms, transport, clothing, food, shelter, urgent supplies, and financial contributions.

With 4.6 million Ukrainians on the run to seek safety in surrounding countries, and with Ukraine having the bravest citizen army in modern times and with war crimes being committed by Russia against civilians, co-founder Odesa-based Ivan Liptuga, who is also the head of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine, said:

“I think that the global tourism community shouldn’t play in diplomacy. I don’t believe at this time the global travel and tourism industry should be neutral to genocide.

Tourism is a relatively small sector, but as well as all other sectors the full embargo of services and exports by the Russian Federation also in the tourism sector is important. Allied countries now understand a full embargo on imports of oil and gas from Russia has a tremendous risk for national economies in many countries, but still, these countries stand side by side with Ukraine.

Ivan Liptuga, National Tourism Organization of Ukraine
Ivan Liptuga, National Tourism Organization of Ukraine

“Hotel chains and travel companies will not die without the Russian market and a strict boycott position against aggression and human rights [is needed]. It is the minimum that they can and should do in this situation, said,” Ivan Liptuga.

Messages by industry leaders, including WTTC and SKAL are saying:

“We are for all good and against all bad.”

Ivan said statements condemning the war, but at the same time allowing business operations in Russia to succeed, don’t work now. Such statements are supporting Russia and this war and the killings of women and children. Our friends in the global travel and tourism industry should stand by us and fight against this aggression by all means available.

World Tourism Network (WTM) launched by

WTN is calling on industry leaders such as Accor, Expedia, Hilton, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, and Radisson to take a clear stand. Hotel operations in Russia by such groups are open and busy – and they should be closed. Operating these businesses is sending a wrong message to the Russian government, and it’s creating tax revenue that can be used to finance the aggression against its neighbor Ukraine.

According, to WTTC, Travel & Tourism businesses around the globe have come together to support Ukraine with millions of hotel rooms for refugees escaping the conflict according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

In Ukraine, hotels have continued to stay open offering a base to charities, journalists, and those stranded by the conflict.

Businesses across the global Travel & Tourism sector including airports, airlines, cruise lines, and tour operators are going to extraordinary lengths to help alleviate the suffering of those affected.

In addition to providing urgently needed accommodation, businesses large and small have made multi-million donations to disaster relief funds which have been supplemented by individual fund-raising initiatives. 

New WTTC report provides investment recommendations for post-COVID Travel & Tourism
Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO

According to Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO, there has been an outpouring of support from Travel & Tourism companies across the globe. Hotels have opened their doors to receiving refugees, and in Ukraine, teams on the ground are keeping hotels open for aid agencies, journalists, and those stranded and desperate.

The WTTC Chairman went on to say, “Cruise lines and airlines have transported supplies, and across the board, the response has been incredible, and I salute the courage of teams on the ground.”

WTTC says the Global Travel & Tourism sector is united in providing help to those affected by this crisis. WTN urged the global travel and tourism sector still doing business in Russia to consider stopping operations at this time. WTN also urged organizations like WTTC to lead a broader discussion among stakeholders and the public sector including those involved in the campaign.

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