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World’s most accessible cities

World’s most accessible cities
World’s most accessible cities
Written by Harry Johnson

New study ranked 20 of the world’s most visited cities on factors such as wheelchair accessibility, disabled parking spaces, and airport accessibility facilities for the hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted, to reveal the world’s most accessible cities. 

The World’s Most Accessible Cities

RankCityHotels*Restaurants*Things To Do* City Centre Car Parks with Disabled Spaces**Accessible Parking at the AirportFacilities for the Hard of Hearing, Blind & Partially Sighted at the AirportSelf-Identification Programme for Hidden Disabilities at the AirportAccessibility Info on Tourism WebsiteScore /10
2New York City36%25%38%0%YYYY8.03
4Los Angeles18%16%23%96%YYYY7.50

Both New York City and Los Angeles rank in the top 5 most accessible cities in the world, both scoring over 7/10. 

Taking the top spot as the most accessible city is the Irish capital, Dublin. Dublin has one of the most accessible airports of the 20 most visited cities and also has a very high number of disabled parking spaces, with 74% of city-centre car parks having disabled spaces.

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Ranking in second place is Amsterdam, scoring highly across the board for accessibility. Many of the city’s attractions, including boat tours of the canals, can be accessed by wheelchair users, with Amsterdam Schiphol also being one of the most accessible airports in the world.

Joining Amsterdam in second place is New York, one of the most visited cities in the world. As well as JFK being a very disabled-friendly airport, NYC also has the highest percentage of hotels that are wheelchair accessible, with 36%.

Further Study Insights: 

  • All three of the cities with the highest percentage of wheelchair-friendly restaurants are located in Italy (Florence, Rome and Milan), a country known for its incredible food.
  • Berlin has the greatest number of wheelchair friendly attractions (43% of the city’s attractions). 
  • By far the city center that has the highest percentage of car parks with disabled spaces is Los Angeles, where 96% of parking lots in the city center have disabled spaces.

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