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World’s best and worst shopping travel destinations

World's best and worst shopping travel destinations
Tokyo is officially the best city for shopping lovers, getting a shopping score of 9/10
Written by Harry Johnson

It is surprising that New York City isn’t among the three best cities for shopping, as well as Milan, which didn’t even make it to the top 10

A new study released today reveals which are the best cities in the world for those who love fashion and all things shopping.

Since shopping can be even more fun while on holiday, and discovering designer stores, luxury boutiques and unique outlets while abroad is one of the best ways to shop, the experts looked at the number of shopping malls, boutiques and fashion stores in some of the world’s top cities for shopping.

The best shopping cities in the world:

RankLocationNumber of shopping locationsNumber of fashion shops within 1 mileNumber of shopping malls within 1 mileNumber of boutique stores within 1 mileNumber of top designer boutiques/ retailers in the cityShopping score/10
5Hong Kong55711514321276.33
7New York1,1331202824745.83

1. Tokyo – Shopping score: 9/10

Tokyo is a paradise for shopping lovers – it’s one of the only cities in the world where you can buy just about anything you could ever want. From unique outfits to cosmetics and tech items, Tokyo has everything a shopping lover needs.

The experts found 1,970 places for shopping in Tokyo on Tripadvisor, and 240 shopping malls and department stores within one mile of the city, more than any other city on our list. There are also 149 official retailers and outlet boutiques in Tokyo, of the top designer brands analysts looked at. 

2. London – Shopping score: 8/10

London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and its place as one of the world’s most ideal cities for shopping is well established.

It’s easy to see why London ranks second on our list, home to hundreds of flagship stores and some of Europe’s top shopping locations. London has 1,221 places for shopping listed on Tripadvisor, and 100 shopping malls and department stores within one mile on Yelp.

Looking at some of the top fashion designers, there are 81 official retailers, boutiques and stores located in London, including 19 Rolex retailers. 

3. Paris – Shopping score: 7.42/10

The heart of fashion and haute couture, Paris is a dream destination for any fashion lover. Home to Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès to name a few, Paris is undeniably one of the world’s best cities for fashion and shopping lovers.

Paris has 1,116 locations for shopping according to Tripadvisor, and 45 shopping malls and department stores within one mile. The city is home to 86 boutique stores within a mile and the experts found 102 top designer stores and official retailers in the area.

It is surprising, however, that New York City isn’t among the three best cities for shopping, as well as Milan, which didn’t even make it to the top 10.

The Worst shopping cities in the world:

1. Vienna – Shopping score: 1.17/10

A popular shopping destination for lovers of high-end shopping and bargain shopping alike, Vienna is a large and diverse city with plenty of variety.

Vienna ranks at the bottom of the list, as the worst shopping location in the world. According to Tripadvisor, Vienna is home to 267 locations for shopping, fewer than most cities the study looked at.

On Yelp, Vienna has just 5 fashion shops and 2 shopping malls within one mile. All of the designer brands the experts looked at have at least one official store or retailer in Vienna, although these total up to just 15 in the city.

2. Munich – Shopping score: 2/10

Munich is home to elegant shopping arcades and trendy neighborhoods, and the city is a major attraction for shoppers.

Ranking near the bottom of the list, Munich has fewer shops than most other cities the study looked at. Munich is home to 144 shopping locations on Tripadvisor, and 71 fashion shops according to Yelp.

However, Munich has just 15 shopping malls and 6 boutique stores within one mile of the city. From the top fashion designers, the experts looked at, Munich has 29 official stores and licensed retailers. 

3. Stockholm – Shopping score: 2.33/10

Sweden’s shopping capital, Stockholm is a top shopping destination, however, it ranks in our bottom three cities.

On Tripadvisor, Stockholm is home to 124 shopping locations, and the city has 240 fashion stores on Yelp.

However, Stockholm has just 31 shopping malls, 10 boutique stores and 12 top designer outlets and retailers.

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