World Expo 2030 Riyadh: Landslide Vote for Riyadh!

RIyadh City
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It’s celebration time for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The many new friendships built did not disappoint, and KSA will host World EXPO 2030.

119 votes for Riyadh, 29 for Busan, and 17 for Rome.

This is a landslide win for Saudi Arabia.

The little chocolate girl will be a happy teenager when her hometown will be the host of World Expo 2030 and the center of the world.

In a high-profile showdown, Rome, Busan, and Riyadh competed to host the next World Expo, in 2030.

The excitement and commitment were seen by all three cities presenting their case in Paris today- and every single one has amazing opportunities.

Rome and Busan were ready, but the world wanted to see the new, the future, the excitement of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

For Saudi Arabia 2030 is a magic number – not only because of EXPO 2030.

HRH Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud assured delegates attending the 173rd General Assembly that this Expo in Riyadh would be for everyone in the world, regardless of what nation. He also said it would be exclusive to all people. He added in his introduction speech, that 130 countries had already committed to vote for Saudi Arabia.

HH Prince Faisal Bin Farhan
Foreign Minister KSA: HH Prince Faisal Bin Farhan

Ghida Al Shibl speaking for the expo said the participation will be easy with a special visa, and one train stop or less than 10 minutes away from the airport.

The Expo in Riyadh will be built by the world with equal access to anyone in the world to be involved in the process.

The Expo will do even better than carbon neutrality and is the first expo when it comes to sustainability with such a commitment.

H.H. Princess Haifa Al Mogrin assured Riyadh Expo will be a platform for all of humanity to work together, where every voice is heard, and every dream is realized for all human kind and all children.

The princess assured action and thanked delegates for their friendship and mentioned a lasting solution to be introduced in 2025 and innovated by 2030.

WelcomeRUH | eTurboNews | eTN

She said, I wish you could see the excitement in Saudi Arabia. Our young people cannot wait to welcome you.

Vision 2030 put to life by the Saudi Crown Prince HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the year for almost any important development in the Kingdom to be finished. The year 2030 is a magic number for Saudi, and now for the world when Expo 2030 will take place in the Magical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ready to show its magic to the world.

Riyadh Air may be one of the largest airlines in the Gulf region in 2030, and many of the announced mega projects in the Kingdom will become a reality.

In 2030, millions of tourists from across the globe will flock to Saudi Arabia, and some of the human rights concerns alive today may be history.

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest developing countries with one of the youngest populations, combined with one of the wealthiest nations.

The combination of all of this is a winning formula – and it showed today in Paris when more than 150 BIE member countries decided to vote for Riyadh at the BIE 173rd General Assembly in Paris today.

Today, everyone in Saudi Arabia is celebrating. Riyadh will be the city where you can party until you drop tonight.

Riyadh Expo

Especially for those working on the Ministry of Tourism Board, the Saudi Tourism Board, and Saudia Airline – this is a day to celebrate.

Read more about World Expo 2030 in Saudi Arabia at

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