Why Jamaica and St. Kitts are still so safe to visit?

No one ever died in St. Kitts on COVID. In Jamaica 350 people passed away. Does it mean Jamaica is so much more unsafe? Not really.
Jamaica remains a heaven compared to numbers recorded in the United States, Canada or the U.K. Why did Canada suspend flights? The Jamaica Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has a response and feels emphasis for Canada making such a decision

Jamaica records 5273 COVID-19 cases per million, St. Kitts only 693.
Jamaica has close to 3 million citizens, St. Kitts has less than 54,000.

In Jamaica tourism has been open and affordable throughout the pandemic, in St. Kitts restrictions in place allow tourism only for those ready to stay weeks and willing to spend big money to do so.

Does it mean Jamaica is so much more unsafe? Not really.

In comparison, the United States records 80,485 cases per million and 1359 per million population died in the US. It makes the U.S. more than 15 times more dangerous to travel than Jamaica.
Hawaii has the lowest rate of COVID-19 in the United States and records 18259 cases per million. It makes Hawaii 3 1/2 times more dangerous for visitors than Jamaica.

In Canada 20,512 per million had the virus and 528 per million died .

One more important comparison is the United Kingdom with 56,057 infected per million and 1,559 dead.

For clarity: The comparison is based on one million people. It makes no sense to compare numbers with numbers when comparing a country with many million people with a country of only 50,000. St. Kitts only has 53,418 citizens. 693 cases per million in St. Kitts convert to only 37 cases, out of which 35 recovered. For Jamaica 5,273 cases per million mean 15,778 cases out of which 12,068 recovered.

Looking at such sad statistics, Jamaica and St. Kitts with most of the Caribbean Countries remain tremendously safe and appear to be an excellent escape for those that wanted to get away from the virus.

Jamaica makes it more affordable and easier, St. Kitts makes it harder but is not taking a chance. Together with Anguilla, St. Kitts remains Coronavirus dead free and joins the rank of only a handful of countries in the world in the same league.

Jamaica with its booming travel and tourism infrastructure and a lot more visitor traffic remains to be a shining example of how an independent island country can use the advantage of an island location and a more flexible independent government to maintain in the tourism business. Jamaica with major all-inclusive resorts that can easily isolate, such as Sandals or Beaches resorts remains open. It explains why Jamaica had always been a step ahead of the disease.

The Hon. Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett from Jamaica has been the to-go authority in the world in the fight to keep tourism open through impossible times. Canadas decision to suspend flights to Mexico and the Caribbean last week must have been a blow to a region that has tried tirelessly to remain welcoming, safe, and desirable to tourists. Bartlett has a response to Canada and is saying it in eTN’s interview.

In addition to the Jamaica minister, Mr. Kayode Sutton speaks from his beautiful place of quarantine in St. Kitts, the Royal St. Kitts Hotel. Kayode recently returned to his home island after studying in Jamaica. He explains the procedures he had to go through. “I am home, but still so far away from home”, he said.

In St. Kitts, any traveler who wishes to stay in one of the approved hotels for “Vacation in Place”, has to follow strict rules

Jamaicas regulations can be found on the Visit Jamaica website.

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