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Why Are So Many Americans Still Wearing Masks?

image courtesy of Mircea - Pixabay
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

In a survey conducted on YouGov Direct, 1,000 adults in America were interviewed regarding the wearing of masks as it pertains to the COVID-19 situation. Ever since the ending of March, most place around the United States, and the globe as well, have lowered or done away with COVID-19 requirements to wear masks, to social distance, to test.

According to the results of that survey, America, much like its political divisions, has come up in a close split down the middle. Forty-nine percent said they will continue to wear masks, and 51% will not.

Perhaps somewhat surprising is what was revealed with how the younger adults – those aged 29 and under – plan to respond to coming into contact with the elderly and the vulnerable. In this instance, the pendulum swings far and wide to protecting those people as a priority. Eighty-nine percent of these young Americans intend to wear masks when in the presence of seniors and those considered vulnerable for catching COVID.

When it comes to shopping, public transportation, and attending crowded events, most Americans will continue to mask up. As far as how parents intend to send their children to school, only 29% plan to send them with masks.

Because of the experience with COVID-19, more Americans see the mask as a tool.

A tool not only to protect the vulnerable but to protect themselves as well. And not just from COVID, from other airborne contagions like from colds and the flu, or simply from poor air quality.

Said the CCO of AirPopHealth, who partnered in the survey: “COVID-19 put a spotlight on face masks and the importance of protecting ourselves against airborne diseases (like COVID), as well as highlighting the risks from particulate pollution, wildfire smoke, and allergens to some vulnerable people. As we learn to live without COVID-19 restrictions in our communities, this study shows that people are voluntarily masking to protect their personal health and show true compassion for the health of the elderly and vulnerable.”

The survey was taken on March 18, 2022.

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