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Who will be the next CEO for Nepal Tourism Board?


Deepak Raj Joshi, the Current Chief Executive Officer of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) ws unable to make it among the top three candidates to secure his renewed assignment as CEO of NTB.

Nepal Tourism Board is a national organization established in 1998 by an act of Parliament in the form of partnership between the Government of Nepal and the private sector tourism industry to develop and market Nepal as an attractive tourist destination.

The sub-committee led by the government’s Joint Secretary Ghanashyam Upadhyaya has shortlisted three names for the post of the Chief executive officer at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). A decision is expected shortly.

Out of a total of nine candidates who were shortlisted among the 17 candidates who had filed their applications, the sub-committee today has shortlisted Dhananjay Regmi, Dipak Bastakoti, and Hikmat Singh Aiyer on Sunday.

Who will be the next CEO for Nepal Tourism Board?

Dhananjay Regmi

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Dhananjay Regmi is the owner of the Himalayan Research Expedition.
The Himalayan Research Expeditions (HRE) is a government authorized trekking company established specifically to provide exclusive trekking and research services to researchers, naturalists, and explorers from all over the world. In addition to clean and healthy trekking services, we also assist clients with the acquisition of all research, trekking, climbing, and related permits.


Dipak Bastakoti is a private tour guide in Nepal and ranked #247 out of 1060 guides in Kathmandu by TourHQ. Dipak has been in the travel and tourism industry in various capacities for 20 years.  He worked in Singapore for 2 years as outbound tour executive and organized leisure, cultural, educational and adventure tours/treks in India, Tibet, Bhutan, Srilanka, and Nepal.  Currently, Dipak is a Director DJ’s Tourism Services based in Kathmandu Nepal. DJ’s Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd is trading as  The company operates and organized various Treks and Tour Programs in the Himalayas.

Who will be the next CEO for Nepal Tourism Board?

Dipak Bastakoti

Hikmat Singh Ayer has been working at Nepal Tourism Board as a Senior Corporate Director. In February 2018 a Special Court found him not guilty in a corruption case but convicted  NTB staff Subash Nirola, Anil Kumar Das and Mahendra Khanal of misappropriating millions in tax money.  In June 2018 Hikmat successfully conducted and concluded an important sales mission in the U.K. together with the Nepal Embassy in London.  With the focus on creating destination awareness, a special presentation was made by Mr. Hikmat Singh Ayer in London.

Although the board had decided to select a new CEO today, the final meeting has been postponed.

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