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Where Tourists Pay the Highest Rates for Sunny Days

image courtesy of Jill Wellington from Pixabay
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Summer is almost here, and travelers are mostly looking for places to enjoy the warmth of the sun while at the same time getting the most bang for their buck.

New research from ParkSleepFly has analyzed how many hours of sunshine different holiday destinations around the world receive each day alongside the average cost of staying in each destination to reveal the most expensive countries to visit for the most sunshine.

The top 10 most expensive sunshine destinations

RankDestinationAverage Annual Sunshine HoursAverage Daily Sunshine HoursAverage Cost of a Double Hotel Room for One NightCost per sunshine hour
1Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii3,3859.3$887$95.62
2Miami, Florida3,2138.8$370$42.05
3Belle Mare, Mauritius2,5657.0$286$40.71
4Monaco, Monaco3,3089.1$359$39.65
5Tulum, Mexico3,1318.6$334$38.88
6Phoenix, Arizona3,91910.7$339$31.57
7Seville, Spain3,4339.4$274$29.12
8Ibiza, Spain3,5459.7$274$28.20
9Las Vegas, Nevada3,89110.7$296$27.73
10Valencia, Spain3,4479.4$251$26.56

The most expensive sunshine destination around the world is Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii with a cost per sunshine hour of $95.62.The tourist hotspot bridges popular beach resorts on the island and is the historic and cultural hub of Maui. Lahaina sees around 3,385 hours of sunshine in a year, equaling around 9.3 hours of sun per day.

The second most expensive sunshine destination is Miami, Florida with a cost per sunshine hour of $42.05. One of the best cities for a beach vacation, Miami is a popular tourist destination among travellers from the US and all over the world. The city receives around 3,213 hours of sunshine per year, therefore gets on average 8.8 hours of sunshine per day.

The third most expensive sunshine destination is the coastal location of Belle Mare, in the tropical paradise of Mauritius with a cost per sunshine hour of $40.71. The sunny travel hotspot receives on average 2,565 hours of sunshine each year, therefore gets around 7 hours of sunshine per day.

To view the rest of the sunshine destination list click here.

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