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Where do Russian tourists travel this winter?

Where do Russian tourists travel this winter?
Where do Russian tourists travel this winter?

According to Russian online travel services, Bangkok, Prague and Bali are the global travel destinations most crowded with Russian tourists this winter.

The online travel service experts analyzed the number and travel pattern of airline ticket bookings for winter flights out of Russia and compared them with similar data from 2018.

Demand for flights to Bangkok increased by 23%. Also, Russian tourists began to travel to Prague more often.

Tourist flow to Bali has grown 2.5 times. This is due to the fact that air travel cheaper in this direction.

 In addition, Russian tourists are more likely to choose a vacation in Milan and 1.5 times more likely to travel to Thai island of Phuket.

In addition, the following places are popular with Russian tourists this winter:

Tel Aviv

The increase of Russian tourist flow in these destinations ranged from 30% to 50%.

Russian tourist flow to Southeast Asia countries fell sharply due to the coronavirus epidemic in China.

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