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What makes Dubai International Airport DXB unsafe for El Al?

Written by The Media Line

Israeli airlines like the national carrier EL AL may cease flying from Tel Aviv to Dubai starting on Tuesday unless a disagreement over security procedures is resolved.  

Experts expect a quick resolution to technical issue; travel to Abu Dhabi not affected.

Dubai is seen as one of the most secure airports in the world by many other experts. It’s up to speculation, what concern the Shin Bet Security Agency in Israel has. Is it about Israeli security agencies allowed or not being allowed to operate at DXB? Media coverage widely publicized in Israel today is not giving an indication.

The Israeli Shin Bet Security Agency, underlining that the issue concerned the operational standards at the Dubai airport and not the political relationship with the United Arab Emirates, said, “Over the past few months, security disputes have emerged between the competent bodies in Dubai and the Israeli aviation security system, in a way that does not allow for the responsible enactment of security for Israeli aviation.”  

Flights to Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital but a less popular destination for Israeli visitors, will not be affected by the issue.

Stanley Morais, acting director of international affairs for El Al Israel Airlines, told The Media Line that if flights are interrupted, it would mean a huge loss for the Israeli carriers, all three of which serve the route. The Emirati companies would have the market to themselves.

“There’s nothing we can do, it is beyond our control, we are just innocent victims of the situation,” he added.

Morais explained that Israeli airlines can only fly to destinations approved by the security apparatus.

However, there have been reports that in case of suspension, Flydubai and Emirates would also be barred from the route.

Closure of the route would also hurt Israeli travel agencies.

Abed Titi, a travel agent in Tira, northeast of Tel Aviv, told The Media Line it would represent a huge loss for his business, especially coming on top of the damage caused by the pandemic. “A lot of my customers, Arabs, and Jews travel regularly to Dubai,” he added.

SOURCE:  Debbie Mohnblatt  The Medialine

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