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What do you need to know about moving to Dubai

Over 12 million tourists visited Dubai in 2019
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Changing your place of residence is always a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to moving to a foreign country. The United Arab Emirates is an economically and technologically developed country. It is open to ordinary citizens and businessmen, but not everything is so simple here. The source – – will tell you about the specifics of moving to the UAE. 

Cultural features of the Emirates

The high international status, strong economy and comfortable business conditions do not negate the fact that the UAE are a Muslim country with its own traditions.

The laws in the Emirates are strict to everyone: locals and foreigners. Despite the fact that in relation to visitors, it actually turns a blind eye to many things. It does not mean that strict violations will remain unpunished. The population of Dubai is loyal to visitors and in exchange for this it rightly expects respect for local values. 

What prospects are waiting for foreigners

Many foreigners who have moved to the UAE for permanent residence name a number of specific reasons. We suggest getting to know it better. 

  • A stable economy and a favorable financial environment. The factor of financial well-being attracts a large part of the migrating population. The high level of salaries, no income taxes, as well as a stable currency, form the conditions that you want to strive for;
  • Profitable investment in real estate. The real estate sector in Dubai is very well developed. This is evidenced by high demand, investment activity and a steady increase in prices. Consequently, buyers of local real estate receive not only an excellent property for living, but also a valuable asset;
  • High salaries. Qualified specialists in Dubai, as elsewhere, are valued, so local companies are ready to pay well;
  • Migration. There are several options under which a foreigner can become a citizen of the Emirates: marriage, study in the country, work, a significant contribution to the development of the country and investment in real estate;
  • High security. The Emirates occupy the 3rd  place in terms of security, while Dubai is on the 8th place of the safest cities in the world.

Who will be approved for the move

It will be approved to any financially wealthy person, no criminal record and a good credit history. 

What is the standard of living in Dubai

Dubai is the leading city in the world in terms of salary, as well as the richest one of the Emirates. The price of real estate in Dubai starts from USD 3,000 to USD 8,100.

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