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What do Travelers Want This Summer?

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Tourism companies need more than ever to know the demand for travel with infinitesimal precision to concentrate their investments in the best possible way. Using Italy as an example, the country is in a splendid position in the European context with 17% of preferences, making it the second destination chosen by travelers, after Spain, considering reservations until March 2022.

This interpretation of the analytics of what travelers intend to do, especially with summer just around the corner, is made by Sojern, a digital marketing platform for the travel industry. For the company, the key is the study of algorithms from social networks to the Internet, to Smart TV, as everything speaks to an increasingly defined consumer in real-time.

The company is predicting in the case of Italy, positive tourist trends, with a greater tendency to domestic and European holidays. Rome ranks at 2% of preferences and is the eighth chosen destination in Europe, followed immediately by Sardinia. Italy is the second favorite destination in Europe also by American tourists – a very important long-range market for incoming tourists.

For US travelers, Rome represents the true ideal – with 10% of preferences, it takes second place in the ranking of favorite destinations in Europe, followed by Milan (3%) and Venice (2%) positioned in the ranking of favorite destinations in Europe at 10th and 14th place.

This is different from the Middle Eastern markets which, for the first time after the pandemic, shows an important interest in Italy in the European context. For them, Italy is in fourth place among the favorite destinations in Europe with 7% of preferences. In first place for this market is Milan with 3% of preferences, which ranks at number 10 in the ranking of the most popular European destinations in the summer of 2022, followed by Rome at number 14 in the ranking with 2% of preferences.

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This summer 2022 will certainly be different from those of the previous 2 years, for the first time comparable to 2019, now considered “year zero” economically speaking in tourism.

Travel intentions are 35% national, 32% European, and 34% long-haul outside Europe.

“The research to book a vacation in Italy from the USA started this year with a significant decline of -45% in 2019 but immediately reached parity around the first few days in February and at +20% stable for the whole of February until the outbreak of the war which marks, for Italy, only a small temporary decrease, but always in constant recovery compared to 2019.

“Currently, people in the US who are looking for a trip online towards Italy are growing more and more,” said Luca Romozzi, Commercial Director for Europe.

What does not change, however, is the constant search by people for destinations and air flights every month of the year, a trend that was established itself in 2019 and which in 2022 is proving to be increasingly important. Seasonal adjustment is now a fact. This means that we must try to constantly and continuously attract travelers, regardless of events outside tourism.

“The paradox is that you always have to invest a little to save on marketing investments to win over the traveler, who is the same as in 2019, but has only changed his purchasing behavior,” said Luca Romozzi.

About the author

Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy

Mario is a veteran in the travel industry.
His experience extends worldwide since 1960 when at the age of 21 he started exploring Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
Mario has seen the World Tourism develop up to date and witnessed the
destruction of the root/testimony of the past of a good number of countries in favor of modernity/progress.
During the last 20 years Mario's travel experience has concentrated in South East Asia and of late included the Indian Sub Continent.

Part of Mario's work experience includes multi activities in the Civil Aviation
field concluded after organizing the kik off of for Malaysia Singapore Airlines in Italy as an Institutor and continued for 16 years in the role of Sales /Marketing Manager Italy for Singapore Airlines after the split of the two governments in October 1972.

Mario's official Journalist license is by the "National Order of Journalists Rome, Italy in 1977.

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