What Do American Business Travelers Want?

What Do American Business Travelers Want?
What Do American Business Travelers Want?
Written by Harry Johnson

Business travelers typically cover dining expenses, entertainment, and tips & gratuities themselves, while they eagerly anticipate enjoying all-paid dining options, luxury accommodation, and daily allowance as travel perks.

Every day, more than 1.3 million Americans embark on business trips across the country, maneuvering through busy airports, catching early morning flights, and participating in crucial meetings, conferences, and networking events nationwide.

Business travel industry experts conducted a survey among travelers to gain insight into their specific expectations when traveling for work. The survey revealed that dining expenses, entertainment costs, and tips & gratuities are the primary expenses that workers personally cover. On the other hand, all-inclusive dining options, luxurious accommodations, and a daily allowance are the perks that excite them the most when it comes to their travel experience.

The research revealed that, on average, US corporate travelers exceed their allocated budget by an additional $700.

Dining expenses take the top spot as the most preferred expenditure for business travelers, with 63% of participants expressing their willingness to cover the costs of food and beverages. This inclination to invest in enjoyable meals emphasizes the significance of dining experiences, not only for personal gratification but also for fostering social interactions during business trips.

Coming in a close second is entertainment, as indicated by 57% of the survey respondents who consider it their next highest out-of-pocket expense. This category encompasses expenses related to activities like attending events, exploring attractions, and engaging in leisurely pursuits that offer opportunities for relaxation and client interaction outside of formal business environments.

Tips and gratuities rank third, with 55% of respondents indicating their willingness to pay for them. The tipping culture in America is well-established, and frequent travelers understand the significance of tipping in guaranteeing top-notch service and showing appreciation to individuals who aid them while traveling.

What business travelers will pay for out of their own pocket:

1. Dining Expenses – 63%
2. Entertainment – 57%
3. Tips and Gratuities – 55%
4. Souvenirs or Gifts – 48%
5. Personal Transportation – 41%
6. In-Room Services – 37%
7. Extend Hotel Stays for Leisure – 27%
8. Room Upgrades – 23%
9. Business Supplies – 22%
10. Phone/Internet Charges – 18%

The study additionally examined the aspects that business travelers are eagerly anticipating to avail themselves of during their journey.

Ranked as the top preference among business travelers is the availability of all-paid dining options, with 52% of respondents indicating their excitement for this perk. The prospect of indulging in a variety of high-quality meals without incurring personal expenses adds a significant level of anticipation to business trips, ultimately elevating the overall travel experience.

Following closely in second place is luxury accommodation, as noted by 47% of survey participants. The allure of staying in upscale hotels goes beyond just providing a comfortable and relaxing environment; it also includes access to amenities like fitness centers, spas, and concierge services, all of which contribute to enhancing the overall travel experience and making business trips more enjoyable.

The daily allowance is ranked among the top three perks, as stated by 34% of business travelers. This per-diem allowance offers flexibility and independence in handling personal expenses while on trips, proving to be a valuable benefit that alleviates the financial strain of travel-related expenses.

What business travelers are most excited to have access to:

1. All-Paid Dining Options – 52%
2. Luxury Accommodation – 47%
3. Per-Diem Allowance – 34%
4. Premium Benefits (e.g. event discounts) – 33%
5. Nightlife/Entertainment Options – 30%
5. Enhanced Transportation Comfort – 30%
7. Opportunity to Bring Along a ‘Plus One’ – 28%
8. Combining the Business Trip with a Holiday – 26%
9. Priority Boarding – 20%
10. Organized Tours/Excursions/Hikes – 19%

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