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What are 50 most instagrammed islands in the world?

What are 50 most instagrammed islands in the world?
What are 50 most instagrammed islands in the world?

The list of the 50 most instagrammed islands around the world was released today. The ranking, which includes 50 islands from all six inhabited continents, provides travelers at home with a range of inspiring destinations to dream about visiting.

Travel experts curated the list based on the following criteria:

  • Only islands with more than 100,000 hashtags were included
  • Sovereign nations were excluded – for example, Iceland
  • The spelling in English, Dutch, German, and French was added together

Bali, Indonesia’s famous tropical paradise, is by far the most instagrammed island in the world. The Spanish island of Ibiza  and the Italian island of Sicily in Italy are this year’s runners up, ranking second and third respectively. Maui is the highest-ranked North American island.

Rank Island Country Total Hashtags
1 Bali Indonesia 60,473,066
2 Ibiza Spain 16,320,328
3 Sicily Italy 12,974,059

Additional takeaways from the research:

  • Europe is the most instagrammed continent in the ranking, with 26 islands in the top 50.
  • North America has 14 islands in the ranking, making it the second-best represented continent.
  • Asia has six islands in the ranking, while Africa and South America each have one island. Oceania has two islands in the list.
  • Sumatra is the by far the most populous island in this year’s ranking, with more than 50 million inhabitants.
  • Borneo is the largest island in the list by area, and is the third-largest island in the world.

Most instagrammed islands in the world named

What other islands feature in the top 50? Majorca, the beautiful Balearic island that is particularly popular with Brits and Germans, places fourth in the ranking. The most instagrammed island in North America is Maui, the second-largest of the Hawaiian island that is famous for its incredible beaches and volcanic landscape. With its stunning whitewashed villas, Santorini is the highest-placing Greek island in the ranking. Bora Bora in French Polynesia is the highest-ranking island in Oceania.

Most instagrammed islands in the world named

In the middle section of the table, you’ll find the popular vacation island of Sylt – which is the most instagrammable island in Germany. Famous for its summer festival, the Isle of Wight is the most instagrammable island in England, while the secluded Isle of Skye is the most instagrammable island in Scotland. Reunion, a remote French island in the Indian Ocean, is the most instagrammable island in Africa.

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Most instagrammed islands in the world named

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