WestJet Group Completes Integration of Swoop

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The WestJet Group announced the completion of the integration of its ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), Swoop, into WestJet’s existing 737 operations.

WestJet will now leverage the successes and learnings from five years of operating Canada’s first ULCC across its growing airline to enhance its ability to serve a broader spectrum of guests. Instead of serving the ultra-low-cost market on only 16 aircraft, the airline’s 180 strong fleet will transition to offer ultra-affordable travel options through to a premium inflight experience on each of its aircraft.

With the largest narrow-body order book in the country, WestJet is set to utilize Swoop’s ultra-low cost product, offering low fares and a range of affordable vacation packages across its narrow body fleet. WestJet’s plan includes densifying the rear section of its 737 aircraft, while retaining a premium cabin up front, enabling them to provide a spectrum of in-flight offerings, from ultra-low-cost to premium, on every plane in its fleet.

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