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West Maui is Fighting Family Style with a lot of Help and Aloha

, West Maui is Fighting Family Style with a lot of Help and Aloha, eTurboNews | eTN

On August 8 historic Lahaina town with many of its people came to an end. Now the fight for survival is ongoing.

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The West Maui community is fighting, but they are not alone. The entire US Island State, its people, and the Federal Government are on their side. Support is pouring in from everywhere, including a $2 million pledge from Korea.

The world is watching, and many are helping in many different ways. The people of Maui have many friends in many places, and after August 8, the night the disaster hit, this became crystal clear.

Tourism is a global industry run by people who care. When it comes to survival, competitiveness is not the main concern, but people are at the forefront. Everyone in Lahaina was either directly or indirectly involved in tourism.

With 99 confirmed dead, the nightmare created by the fires in Maui’s picture-perfect historic town of Lahaina is still unfolding.

According to official statistics, cadaver dogs have only checked 3% of the burned-down town so far, but 99 confirmed people have already passed.

There are disasters in many parts of the world, but Maui seems to have a very unique way of handling its largest crisis ever. In times of need, the people of Hawaii are coming together as a family. This is what is happening.

When it comes to togetherness, Maui is the perfect, most beautiful, and peaceful place to deal with such a disaster. People care, and this is a fight everyone has a role to play in.

There are many questions, and even a class action lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric has been filed. Why was the electricity not turned off to prevent this fire from spreading so fast? Some people are angry, others are heartbroken, but they keep their cool until the situation is under control.

The CEO of Hawaiian Electric said today: “This is also my home, we all care. We’re here now, and we will be here until this crisis is resolved. Perhaps cutting off electricity may cause people who rely on electricity for health reasons to get in harm’s way. Not everyone agrees with the regulation in California, that electricity should be turned off when wildfires are around.”

Why did the siren not go off? Sirens are only for tsunamis, was a response by an official attending the press conference today.

There will be a lot more questions, and many attorneys will see this disaster as a business opportunity in the years to come.

Some people are frustrated and are looking to blame someone. This is understood.

Governor Green admitted today, a lot could have been done differently. He pledged to find out, but he also realizes now is not the time to point fingers. It’s time to deal with the situation as best as possible, effectively, and in a respectful way.

The Aloha State has now been tested a second time after COVID, but the resilience of the Hawaiian people, who are used to residing in paradise, but also living in an imperfect world, is amazing.

There are already so many heroes, some will remain without a name, and some may be recognized when this is all over. Others may be persecuted, but today everyone is working together.

Tourism is Maui’s main business. Aloha has a meaning beyond tourism. Hotels are taking in those who lost their homes right now. This is showing Aloha.

The rest of the world and future visitors will be able to appreciate the people of the valley island when this is all behind – and learn from them.

The rebuilding of Maui tourism may also be the opportunity Hawaii Tourism Authority Chief John de Fries has been hoping for. His plan for Hawaii is to put Hawaiian culture, respect, and the land at the forefront. Now Maui will have a chance to rebuild its tourism industry.

Hawaii is easygoing and a perfect place to visit. It has people who love to tell stories. After all, Hawaii remains a small community often built on trust.

People in Hawaii care. They love to smile and show their hospitality.

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