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Well-being Solutions for the New Normal

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With employers facing unprecedented shifts in workplace culture, WebMD Health Services has launched two new solutions for meaningful connections, designed to foster peer-to-peer support and a sense of belonging as employees navigate the ‘new normal’ of hybrid and remote working.             

Community enables employees to join virtual internal groups based on their interests and well-being goals, such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, and social connectedness. By posting questions, sharing stories, gathering tips and insights from others, and encouraging colleagues on their well-being journeys, Community can inspire employees to achieve their well-being goals, while alleviating feelings of loneliness. Groups are moderated, and participants can customize their profiles for privacy, using an avatar and screen name.

Group Coaching by WebMD is a video-based coaching program developed to support participants in reaching their well-being goals through group interaction, support and social motivation. This new solution allows participants to focus on topics and issues that matter to them, with an interactive, flexible format that empowers employees to interact on topics such as stress, nutrition, and sleep habits, while sharing what has worked for them. Limited to no more than 20 people, Group Coaching classes are available across organizations, which gives employees the ability to interact with a wider group of people for additional peer support.

Each class is facilitated by a trained and certified WebMD Health Coach and the programs are reviewed and validated by WebMD’s Clinical Advisory Board.

“A remote and hybrid work culture offers flexibility, but it can also lead to social isolation and loneliness,” said Christine Muldoon, Senior Vice President, Strategy, WebMD Health Services. “We continue to evolve our support for creating meaningful connections because we know that social support is critical for mental and physical well-being, and ties directly to long-term positive health choices. Our new solutions reflect the needs of today’s workplace. They give employees the connection and support they need to keep going and offer employers the knowledge that their well-being programs can help employees thrive in the current work environment.”

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