Welcome to Thailand for $142,000 with the Thailand Priviledge Card

The Thailand Privilege Card has been rebranded and designed to provide special privileges to prominent individuals seeking long-term residency in Thailand.

The previous eight membership card options have been phased out, making way for the new “Thailand Privilege Card” product, which is now available in four distinct packages.

The card is targeting long-stay tourists from China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and European Union nations, with an ambitious projection of contributing over ten billion Baht to the nation.

Currently, visitors from India and countries within the GCC region, including Saudi Arabia, are being evaluated for this program.

It targets frequent International Visitors, Affluent Investors, working digital Nomads, Expats in Thailand, and Retirees

The card was first introduced 20 years ago and has 11,500 members.

This revamped offering for cardholders includes comprehensive benefits of airport privileges, enriched travel experiences, leisure, accommodations, activities, business investment opportunities, and more.

This multifaceted rebranding effort involves key changes, such as a contemporary logo design and new staff uniforms.

Guided by the company’s brand DNA, ‘GRACE,’ the company aims to elevate Thai product and service quality, generate revenue for the nation’s economy, and reinforce the image of a global organizational leader.

The membership starts at 900,000 Baht, or $2560.00, and can go up to $142,400, with a membership duration of 20 years or more.

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