Vietnam Closes Tourism Region After Deadly Accident

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The Cu Lan Village tourism area in Vietnam, Lam Dong, Central Highlands has temporarily closed following a tragic accident in which four South Korean tourists, aged 68-79, died.

The incident occurred when a 29-year-old driver took the tourists on a jeep tour to explore a shallow stream. Unexpectedly, the water level in the stream rose suddenly, causing the vehicle to capsize.

The driver survived, but the tourists did not. Despite no heavy rainfall, local officials suspect that an unusual surge in water flow from upstream might have caused the accident.

The company owning the tourism area in Vietnam, G B Q Company, is collaborating with authorities to determine the cause of the tragedy. The tourism area will only reopen when it meets safety standards, and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has instructed authorities to investigate the incident for any violations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will work with the South Korean Embassy to arrange the victims’ funerals.

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