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Venice Tourist Fee and How to Avoid It

venice, Venice Tourist Fee and How to Avoid It, eTurboNews | eTN

From 2024 it will be possible for travelers to enter Venice only by first paying a fee, unless certain criteria is met.

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The Municipality announced that the entry ticket will be 5 euros per person. The City Council approved the final text of the resolution establishing the “Regulations for the establishment and regulation of the entrance fee to the Ancient City of the Municipality of Venice and the other smaller islands of the Lagoon” starting from the spring 2024. According to the Municipality, that of Venice is a measure that would act as a “forerunner” at a global level.

For all those who want to access the city, the experimentation for 2024 will be for around 30 days a year, which will be defined by the council with a special calendar in the coming weeks. In general, explains the Municipality of Venice, it will focus on spring bridges and summer weekends. The experimentation will start with a ticket of 5 euros per person.

All those over the age of 14 are requested to contribute unless they fall into the categories of exclusions and exemptions. The contribution will be requested from daily Venice visitors.


The Municipality of Venice has drawn up a list of people who will be exempted from paying the entrance fee. The exclusion includes residents of the Municipality of Venice, workers (employees or self-employed), commuters, students of all levels and types of schools and universities located in the old city or in the smaller islands, individuals and members of family members of those who have paid the IMU (garbage taxes) in the Municipality of Venice.


In addition to those who will not have to pay the tax for reasons of domicile, study, or work, the City Council has established that the following categories will not have to pay the contribution to enter Venice:

  • overnight tourists
  • residents in the Veneto region
  • children up to 14 years of age
  • those who need treatment
  • those who participate in sports competitions
  • law enforcement officers on duty
  • the spouse, cohabitant, relatives or in-laws up to the 3rd degree of residents in the areas in which the access fee is valid

The exemption will also apply to all the smaller islands of the lagoon. In the coming months. The Municipality of Venice will also define the time slots for the validity of the contribution and the value of the same (initially set at 5 euros).

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