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Vaccine? Test? Not here! Visit happy Koh Larn tropical island

Koh Larn island

Koh Larn island in Thailand has reopened to visitors without the need to show proof of vaccine or a negative test, however, anti-COVID restrictions remain intact.

  1. Starting today, the little island located in the Gulf of Thailand is welcoming visitors without having to show proof of a vaccine or negative COVID test.
  2. International visitors will need to show their passport while Thais must show an ID.
  3. The usual COVID-19 social distancing requirement remains in force on Koh Larn island.

Koh Larn reopened again today, Wednesday, September 1, 2021, to visitors but will not require them to be vaccinated or to show proof of a test for COVID-19. Passports for foreigners or Thai ID for Thai nationals will be required.

The island closed for the third time since the start of the pandemic on August 9. This September 1 reopening will see both Thais and foreigners required to show identification and go through the usual gauntlet of social distancing measures, but do not have to show proof of any COVID-19 vaccination or negative coronavirus test results.

It was only a month ago that all of Thailand was anticipating not welcoming any tourist anywhere for some time.

Ferry service to and from Bali Hai Pier and Koh Larn’s main pier will run at 7:00 am, 12:00 noon, and 5:30 pm. Additional times may be added depending on demand. Speedboats also can provide service at higher rates while supply boats will run as usual.

Once opened, Koh Larn’s restaurants will remain opened until 8:00 pm at 75% capacity for outdoor/non-air-conditioned seating and at 50% for indoor and air-conditioned seating. No alcohol sales whatsoever are allowed.

Businesses, including convenience stores, can operate from 4:00 am to 8:00 pm. Hotels can open normally but cannot open swimming pools, meeting rooms, or offer party services.

Beaches are open for relaxing, but no group activities are allowed. Gatherings are limited to 5 people, and the nighttime curfew remains in place beginning at 9:00 pm until 4:00 am.

Koh Larn, sometimes called Coral Island and other times called Ko Lan, is located off the coast of Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand. Despite its small size – 4 km long and 2 km wide – the little island is full of beaches with a number of water sport activites such as para sailing along with resorts for accommodation and restaurants normally serving up fresh catch dishes of the day.


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