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US states with the most hidden travel gems

US states with the most hidden travel gems
Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming
Written by Harry Johnson

One could probably make an entire bucket list purely consisting of America’s most famous tourist attractions

The United States of America is an expansive country with so much to offer, that it’s a true treasure trove for domestic holidaymakers and international visitors.

In fact, one could probably make an entire bucket list purely consisting of America’s most famous tourist attractions.

The Golden Gate Bridge and Las Vegas Strip on the West Coast, Times Square and Walt Disney World Resort on the East are known all over the world.

But what about the hidden gems – lesser-known US tourist attractions that not many travelers have heard of?

New industry study analyzed the total number of attractions in each US state as listed on Tripadvisor.

The number of attractions listed as ‘hidden gems’ was also sourced and calculated as a percentage of the total number of attractions, to reveal the US states home to the most hidden gems.

So, which parts of the United States are home to most of these not so famous but must-see attractions?

The US states with the most hidden travel gems

  1. Alaska – Hidden Gem Attractions – 309, Total Attractions – 2,823, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 10.95%
  2. Wyoming – Hidden Gem Attractions – 114, Total Attractions – 1,486, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 7.67%
  3. Utah – Hidden Gem Attractions – 217, Total Attractions – 3,108, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 6.98%
  4. Hawaii – Hidden Gem Attractions – 424, Total Attractions – 6,123, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 6.92%
  5. Maine – Hidden Gem Attractions – 209, Total Attractions – 3,378, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 6.19%
  6. South Dakota – Hidden Gem Attractions – 70, Total Attractions – 1,161, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 6.03%
  7. New Mexico – Hidden Gem Attractions – 157, Total Attractions – 2,731, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 5.75%
  8. Tennessee – Hidden Gem Attractions – 300, Total Attractions – 5,283, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 5.68%
  9. South Carolina – Hidden Gem Attractions – 269, Total Attractions – 4,833, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 5.57%
  10. Idaho – Hidden Gem Attractions – 92, Total Attractions – 1,676, % of Hidden Gem Attractions – 5.49%

In first place is Alaska with 10.95% of its attractions being deemed as ‘hidden gems’, including the Mendenhall Glacier and Kodiak Island. Known for its dramatic landscapes featuring icy glaciers and fjords, Alaska is famously the most remote US state. This remoteness means that many parts of the state are very hard to get to, meaning that it’s packed full of lesser-known places waiting to be discovered. 

Taking second place is the state of Wyoming with 7.67% of the state’s attractions being classified as ‘hidden gems’, including Devils Tower and the Midway Geyser Basin. Like Alaska, Wyoming is a state popular with tourists who love the great outdoors and a sense of adventure. 

The state with the third highest quantity of hidden gems is Utah. In this state, just under 7% of attractions are listed as being ‘hidden gems.’ Utah has three distinct geographical regions and a history stretching back thousands of years, which means there’s an adventure to be found in every corner. Some of the attractions you might not have heard of include Capitol Reef National Park, Kanarraville Falls, and Fifth Water Hot Springs.

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