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US NAVY: Drinking Water in Hawaii to become poisoned by fuel?

The Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility on the Island of Oahu, known as the Navy Red Hill facility was built in the early 1940s during World War II. It is made up of 20 gigantic underground fuel tanks, and a network of pipelines that deliver fuel to Pearl Harbor, among other places.
Is this facility about to leak fuel into the drinking water supply of the island?

  • The US Navy and the State of Hawaii have a problem.
  • A whistleblower told the Hawaii Department of Health in September that Navy officials provided false testimony and withheld information about corrosion at its Red Hill fuel facility on Oahu.
  • According to a report in Civil Beat, a Hawaii based media there may be a problem with the supply of clean drinking water in Honolulu.

Corrosion may put this structure in danger to leak fuel into the water supply of the island.

In light of that information, the division asked Health Director Libby Char to reopen a legal proceeding that will help determine the fate of this aged facility.

A spokesperson of the Navy told eTurboNews there was no leak and the situation is stable at this time.

He referred to a US NAVY web-page:

This page has been down and this was acknowledged, but no alternative was given.

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Numerous fuel leaks during the decades since its installation has caused serious concern among residents and environmental advocates who fear the drinking water beneath the tanks could become poisoned by fuel.

This could put the safety of residents and visitors in Honolulu county in danger.

The contested case hearing was initiated after the Sierra Club of Hawaii and the Honolulu Board of Water Supply objected to the Navy’s 2019 application for an operating permit. Hearings were held in early February and were reopened in July following a fuel release from a burst pipe in one of the facility’s underground tunnels.

On Sept. 16, a naval officer acting as a whistleblower informed the DOH Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response office that inaccurate testimony had been submitted, and important information had been wrongfully withheld by the Navy in the contested case proceedings.”

This Navy whistleblower was interviewed by the Hawaii Attorney General’s office in October, the memo stated.

The person reported that the full extent of the underground storage tank system infrastructure, including pipelines, was not disclosed to the state on the Navy’s permit application, and that information regarding corrosion history was improperly withheld, according to the memo.

eTurboNews reached out to the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Honolulu mayor without receiving a response yet.

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