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US – Canada border reopening a no-go

US – Canada border reopening a no go
US Canada border

There is no deal between the United States and Canada on reopening the border.

  1. Current border restrictions between the US and Canada are set to expire on June 21, 2021.
  2. Both country leaders agreed that the time is not right to reopen just yet.
  3. The current border restrictions will remain in effect for one more month.

Today, US President Joe Biden and Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed if there would be a next step regarding reopening the border. However, there will be no immediate action in that regard.

A few days ago, the US State Department issued a more relaxed stance toward travel to Canada, downgrading the country on its travel advisory list from Level 4 – Do Not Travel to Level 3 – Reconsider Travel. However, PM Trudeau has previously suggested the nation will not consider easing restrictions for travelers until at least 75 percent of residents have been vaccinated.

The ban on non-essential travel at land borders due to COVID-19 began in March 2020 and has been reviewed and renewed every month since then. The current border restriction remain in effect until July 21. This ban does not apply to essential travel.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has been reluctant to reopen the border only so far announcing that in early July it would ease quarantine restrictions for Canadians returning home and others who have long had the right to travel to Canada. This does not affect US citizens crossing into Canada in any way. But as far as Americans crossing the border, the PM so far has said there is no deal.

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