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Urgent message: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down – terror, a technical problem- why?

Facebook is down, twitter is down, Instagram is down, WhatsApp is down – what is happening. Terror, glitch?

  • The world is rebooting phones, changing settings, but no matter what, millions are talking to themselve.
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and now also entire phone networks, including Turkey and Pakistan seemed to be unreachable.
  • Telegram and Twitter are working fine, and that is where the world is escaping to, to find information on what and why?

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Cloudflare is blaming changes in Facebook’s setup, others are talking cyber attacks, revenge, and much worse.

At this time technical experts around the globe are trying to find a solution to get these communication giants back up, while Twitter and Telegram are rising to have a monopoly over instant communication messages at this time.

Turk Telecom has posts about the internet down for subscribers- the extend of this issue is just now developing.

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Juergen T Steinmetz

Juergen Thomas Steinmetz has continuously worked in the travel and tourism industry since he was a teenager in Germany (1977).
He founded eTurboNews in 1999 as the first online newsletter for the global travel tourism industry.

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