UNWTO SG to Commit the Biggest Fraud Ever on Member States in Uzbekistan

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Who can stop a UN Leader going rogue? Member States could, but when it comes to tourism, fraud is no issue, but geo-politics take the lead.

When a dream team of swindlers runs a rogue UN-affiliated agency in charge of tourism and at the same time manages to appear relevant and progressive in the world of tourism, the fraud committed appears to become a sideline issue for many member countries.

Welcome to a modern-day dictatorship in a United Nations Institution

eTurboNews has been the only international travel and tourism media reporting about the ongoing irregularities, manipulation, and fraud at the World Tourism Organization since 2017 and initiated by the current Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili.

In return UNWTO leadership warned anyone in the organization who would talk to eTurboNews – it may cost this person their job.

eTurboNews however also has one of the longest relationships with this UN-affiliated agency and its publisher served on committees for almost a decade.

No other publication in the world has covered issues relevant to UNWTO so frequently and timely, even after this UN agency in a clear attempt to violate press freedom, banned this publication from attending UNWTO events, UNWTO press conferences, or talking to UNWTO staff including those in charge of communication and media.

All of this actually increased the flow of desperate and confidential news tips leaking directly from the UNWTO headquarters in Madrid.

The message circulated by UNWTO behind the scenes is that eTurboNews just has an issue and is not trustworthy.

An anonymous WhatsApp Group established by eTurboNews and UNWTO staff started in 2017 and is still active in 2023 exchanging information that is often hard to swallow on how a UN agency can get away with such manipulation.

After Zurab swindled his way to the top manipulating and misleading two elections. Now the biggest coup is about to unfold at the upcoming UNWTO General Assembly in Uzbekistan, and again it appears member countries remain in a wait-and-see and no-comment position. It only explains more clearly why countries such as the United States, Canada, and the UK stay away from joining the organization

Other countries that talked to eTurboNews say they expect a serious discussion at the upcoming General Assembly in Uzbekistan.

A Top UNWTO Leader speaks out

Today this message from one of the top leaders in the organization who did not want to be named reached eTurboNews.

English is a second language for this UNWTO executive when contacting eTurboNews, but his or her message is very clear:

Further to the below, you may wish to know that the UNWTO Legal Counsel is misinforming and misleading Member States that seek information about the proposal in Uzbekistan. She is deliberately omitting any mention of the resolution (A/RES/512/XVI) mentioned below.

The Secretariat is playing dirty again, to manipulate the process in a blatant attempt for Pololokashvili to be appointed for a third term in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), without even going through any election process.

Will the Member States allow that?

Please check out the following UNWTO General Assembly resolution (A/RES/512/XVI) that Mr. Pololoikasvili and his legal servant pretend to flout:

This resolution should be more than enough to abort such vile attempts against all legal and ethical rules.

The Fraud: “Only Once” was removed

Sponsored by Spain at the time, it states clearly in paragraph 2:
The Terms of Office of the Secretary-General shall be renewable only once.

The original document reads:

Decides that pending the coming into force of this amendment, the term of
office of the Secretary-General shall be renewable only once;

The RENEWABLE ONLY ONCE has been purposely left out by the UNWTO legal team to allow Zurab to serve a third term.

Member States should be made aware of the existence of this resolution that the UNWTO swindler is trying to hide.

Who could stop the Secretary-General?

Also, you may wish to caution the current Chair of The UNWTO Executive Council, Saudi Arabia, and the still current President of the General Assembly, Spain, against lending themselves to such unethical and illegal practice.

Both could easily abort the move by the UNWTO Secretariat by applying their supreme authority and simply dropping the proposed item from the agenda when considering the adoption of the agenda, both at the 119th Executive Council Session, just before the Assembly, and at the beginning of the first Assembly session.

Member States should remember a simple fact: The Secretary-General works for them; they pay his salary and that of his legal servant/swindler, not the other way around.

It would be enough for them to simply instruct Zurab Pololikashvili what to do, not wait for him and his legal servant/swindler to tell them what to do.

Is there hope to stop the UNWTO Secretary-General?

In the meantime, brave UNWTO executives had been talking to some member friends and were assured there would be a serious discussion on this issue at the General Assembly in Uzbekistan. This was echoed by some of the ministers eTurboNews contacted.

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Avatar of Juergen T Steinmetz

Juergen T Steinmetz

Juergen Thomas Steinmetz has continuously worked in the travel and tourism industry since he was a teenager in Germany (1977).
He founded eTurboNews in 1999 as the first online newsletter for the global travel tourism industry.

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