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United Airlines com urgent fraud warning


Booking your next flight online on the United Airlines website may bankrupt you. It may steal your identity, your your credit card and more.

Booking your next flight online on the United Airlines website may actually bankrupt you. It may not only steal your identity, your passport information, your credit card info, driver’s license details, address, or social security, but it may also cancel all your flights.

A perfect scam to defraud United Airlines and its customers are currently ongoing, and United Airlines did not even know about it.

An eTurboNews staff member tried to book a flight today pm the United Airlines website

This triggered this urgent article and scam alert for eTN readers in the United States.

From the search history on a Chrome browser the first option
United Airlines- Airline Tickets, Travel Deals, and Flights are legitimate.

The option: Book Your Flight- Travel Deals and More will steal from you.

When clicking on the fake United Airlines link on Google search you will be directed not to, but to a fake clone website with a URL

The website looks identical to the official United Airlines site.
The minute a customer tries to type in a flight route, a red pop-up comes up directing the unsuspected customer to a phone number.

The red pop-up reads:

Sorry, We are experiencing a High Volume of Visitors.
It continues to demand to reach out to “our 24/7” support team to make new bookings, check-in, cancel or modify your booking.

When calling the fake United Airlines number 888-204-8140 you may be able to book “fake flights” and your credit card number will be stolen.

You may also be asked for your passport number, your birth date, your address, your driver’s license number, or social security card information.

It seems to be a perfect scam to steal a traveler’s identity, and money before a trip even starts.

eTurboNews informed United Airlines about the scam.
Securing privacy is often not an easy task. Airlines, hotels, and tour operators all have strict privacy policies, but scammers are a step ahead of the game costing millions to consumers and businesses.

When contacting Spectrum to stop access to the website, the response was: “There is nothing we can do.”

The FBI will direct you to a website, but eTurboNews is now warning all readers to be aware and to spread the word

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Juergen T Steinmetz

Juergen Thomas Steinmetz has continuously worked in the travel and tourism industry since he was a teenager in Germany (1977).
He founded eTurboNews in 1999 as the first online newsletter for the global travel tourism industry.

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  • Hi Juergen. I had a similar experience last week booking our flights to Spain on United, online. It was my Aunt who paid for our air tickets (for my husband and myself) and after sending the credit card details and everything, the response on the record locator (booking reference) was “not ticketed”. I immediately called the number provided and it was a Call Centre in the Philippines. First my call was handled by a Call Center in Cebu City and later I was handled by another Call Center in Manila when the line got cut. I was told quote, “I needed to wait for 24 hours before my air ticket will be issued.”. I was upset, disppointed, and frantic. I think UA is the only airline with such a process for their airline online reservations and ticketing. I worked for Delta Airlines (for 5 years), of course the world wide web wasn’t born yet during my years with DL, but I am still vety much in the travel and tourism industry. Why do I need to wait for 24 hours ?? What was my guarantee that our air tickets will indeed be issued and released? This was my first time to hear of such an online ticketing arrangement !!! And worse was, when I asked the Call Center Agent, this question, “Am I the only client of yours that has this situation? Did you ever handle a similar case before??. She then answered, “You are the only one who complained because when we say this to the passenger, they just wait till the air ticket is issued.” I promised the Call Center Agent that I will be for sure different form those UA has promised, because I used to work with different airlines, not just one, gladly. I sincerely hope someone from the UA Manaehemnt will see this and make sure that their travellers are protected and not handled in this way. I wonder who is the online service provider for UA, maybe they should change them and get another one. The system is very unreliable and not secure.

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